082506 95 Miles to Go but you may not see it soon.

On the documentary front there are just so many great films out there right now that it is impossible to keep up. One film that got lost in the mix and seems to have gotten only a very limited release is a 95 Miles to Go. The “short summary” from the official site reads:

“Ray Romano's eight-day drive through the South on a stand-up comedy tour becomes more than he bargains for when longtime friend and opening act Tom Caltabiano brings a film student along to document their thousand-mile journey. Together, all three struggle with Ray's obsessions, phobias, and insecurities in this unscripted exploration of fame and life on the road.”

The trailer looked promising and the film got good write-ups but I don’t think 95 Miles to Go got much of a theatrical run. I guess a documentary following Ray Romano didn't have the draw the studio probably thought it would. According to the official website the film be airing on HBO Spring 2007. Check out the trailer HERE. Go to the official site HERE. The IMDB page is HERE.

082406 Smokin' Aces not to be confused with Smoking Aces.
Speaking of cool looking movies, a movie I’m looking forward to is Smokin' Aces! It is not coming out until Mach 2nd, 2007 and its official website from distributor Universal Studios is not up yet but I am looking forward to this one! Starring Jeremy Piven, Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta, Jason Bateman, Peter Berg, Alicia Keys, Ryan Reynolds, and Ben Affleck all star in a crime drama from writer / di
rector Joe Carnahan. Although I have still not seen his first film (come on Universal, release a special edition DVD already,) I really enjoyed Carnahan’s film Narc and his short film made for BMW: Ticker. This guy has the skills and is an underrated filmmaker who could be on his way to putting out another great feature. The International Teaser Trailer for Smokin' Aces has come out and can be gotten HERE. Working Title Films has a website for Smokin' Aces HERE. Carnahan’s IMDB page can be found HERE.
082306 Snakes on a Plane but not so much at the box office.
The action-thriller may have had a ridiculous amount of buzz behind it and may have had a catchy name but it didn’t make for a particularly big boom at the box office. While not a failure (it did make 15 mil after all) it certainly wasn’t the hit Newline Cinema hoped for. Heck, it may even be entertaining, I like the film David R. Ellis did before Snakes on a Plane, Cellular. Cheasy? Sure but I found it entertaining none the less.
All of this is a rambling introduction to actor Samuel L. Jackson’s other movie with a “snake” in the title: Black Snake Moan. This film is write / director Craig Brewer’s follow up to Hustle & Flow. I really liked Hustle & Flow and was curious to find out what Brewer would do next and now that Black Snake Moan has been announced, I am looking forward to seeing it. I am looking forward to it a little less since finding out that Justin Timberlake is in the film. Maybe he will surprise me and be quite good in Black Snake Moan... Somehow I doubt it but maybe...
Incidentally, I am not the only one interested in this movie. Film critic Kim Morgan could possibly be waaaayyy too interested in this film, see her comments HERE. (Kidding Kim.) The official site which, as of this writing, is not all the way up, can be found HERE. The IMDB page for Black Snake Moan can be found HERE.
082206 My name is what too soon.
BruceCampbell.com is back, although all the content that was there before has not come back but the site has returned none the less. My Name is Bruce has entered the post production phase and I must say I will be curious to see what the trailer looks like. So check out the return of BruceCambell.com HERE and look for My Name is Bruce soon!
081606 My name is what?
My Name is Bruce. Do you like Bruce Campbell? I know I do, the guy just rocks. For me personally, I like him from Evil Dead 2 days and I was also a fan of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. He also had a role as Autolycus on Hercules and Xena and more recently starred in the off beat sci-fi flic Bubba Ho-tep. He was supposed to be the star of the film Darkman but unfortunately the studio nixed that. He has not always gotten the fair shake when it comes to starring roles and as of late he has not been in the winning projects he deserves (although he did direct and star in the The Man With the Screaming Brain, a made for TV movie.) Now he is directing and starring in a new film that looks like it could be a lot of fun: My Name is Bruce. The plot outline for IMDB reads:

“B Movie Legend Bruce Campbell is mistaken for his character Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy and forced to fight a real monster in a small town in Oregon.”

His website had been slimmed down and had less contact on it and now has gone down with only a message reading:

My Name is Bruce is currently finishing up production and taking up all of our time check back later”

Hopefully it will be the kick butt fun filled Bruce Campbell flick fans of his (like myself) have been waiting for. Bruce Campbell's official site is HERE and his IMDB listing is HERE.
080906 It is time for a FEAST!
The great TV series Project Greenlight was awesome when it moved to the channel Bravo. The series follows writers and directors as they are picked from submissions to make a movie produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (amongst other producers.) Project Greenlight was in its third season when it moved from HBO to Bravo and the show was a riot. Unfortunately it was not a super ratings hit. Things went from bad to worse when the film that was completed during the series, Feast became caught up in the disintegration of Miramax Studios. The horror movie tested well but with the Weinstein brothers leaving Disney (they had a hand in the series and Feast’s distribution) Feast missed release dates and ended up in limbo. (It was presumed that Feast left Disney with the Weinstein’s.) Worse still Project Greenlight just ended and disappeared, no DVD release. Now a ray of hope comes: Feast has a release date at last! From the Feast Myspace page, co-writer Patrick Melton answers some of the release questions:

"Are we gonna see PROJECT GREENLIGHT 3 on DVD -with- FEAST at some point as a boxed set like they did with 1 & 2, and perhaps WHEN?"

PM: I think they will both be on DVD, but not necessarily together. Dimension owns the film, and Miramax/Disney owns the show. They could work something out, which would be smart, but nothing is set at this point. The show will probably be the last released for obvious reasons. The DVD date on FEAST will come sometime after the movie is released on September 22.

Go to the official Feast myspace page HERE.
For that matter you can see the lame RPFT myspace page HERE.
080106 Site News
Added a review of Kevin Smith's Clerks II. It took me longer to get the review together than I thought it would and in that time I have been able to se
e that the film is not the box office hit I thought it would be but it has still made a profit. I was hoping it would be a bigger boom at the box office because it is a good (and foul mouthed) film. The review is HERE.
072706 Site News
Added a review of the great documentary Harlan County, U. S. A.
072206 Site News
Added a review of the creepy John Frankenheimer film Seconds.
072006 Site News A little shout out for Rifftrax.com
Mike Nelson was the former head writer and host for the great show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (aka MST3K.) He took over the hosting gig when the show’s creator Joel Hodgson left in 1993. Sadly, MST3K ended in 1999 but since then Nelson has been very busy, writing a few books and making commentary tracks for DVD releases from Legend Films (such as their release of Reefer Madness.) Now Nelson is Chief Content Producer at Legend Films and they have started Rifftrax.com. It is a site that allows you to download Nelson commentary tracks for your favorite films for only a couple bucks. The site just went up and there is only one movie so far. What movie you say? Why non other than the cheese fest that is: Road House! So check out Rifftax.com if you can and go ahead and buy a commentary track why don’t ya... This shout out comes courtesy of one of the best websites ever: Satellite News (www.mst3kinfo.com, The Official Mystery Science Theater 3000 Web Site.)
071906 Site News
Added a review of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest nd fixed an error in the review of Leo.
071806 Site News
Added a review of X-Men: The Last Stand.
061506 Site News
Added a review of Mission Impossible III.
052606 Site News
Added a review of the wicked popular The Da Vinci Code.
051606 Site News
Added a review of the thriller/ drama Stay.
051206 Site News
Added a review of the enjoyable film Thank you for Smoking.
050606 Site News
Added a review of The Comedians of Comedy.
050506 Site News
Added a review of the Spike Lee film Inside Man.
Yahoo news has some blurbs about the original Star Wars being released under the heading "Star Wars goes back to the basics." It can be seen HERE.
Added a review of Ultraviolet.
050406 Non CGI Star Wars News!!!
The Digital Bits broke the story first and Lucas Films Inc has confirmed it. The non cgi versions of the first three Star Wars films are going to be released on DVD! The Digital Bits story can be seen HERE and the Lucas Films site can be found HERE. WooHoo! Episodes 2 and 3 of the Real Political Face Talk cartoons poked some fun at Lucas and his CGI Star Wars. They can be seen HERE.
Added a review of the movie Transamerica.
Added a review of Munich.

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