Site News093005
Added a review of Saturday Night Live: The Best of John Belushi.
Site News092905
Added a review of Saints and Soldiers.
Site News092305
Added a review of Two Men in Town.
Site News092205
Added a review of Dust to Glory.
Site News092105
Added a review of Wedding Crashers.
Site News092005
Added a review of The Constant Gardener.
Site News091705
Added a review of the Brit' crime drama Never Let Go which features Peter Sellers as a villain.
Site News091605
Added a review of Bounce: Behind the Velvet Rope.

TV News 091605 Drew Carey’s Green Screen show is Back!
Well sort of. For those of you that don’t know Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show was a short lived series on the WB Network. It ran for a whopping total of five episodes but if you happened to see any or all of them like I did you might have thought it had potential. It essentially took the premise of the show Who’s Line is it Anyway? (which Carey hosted the US version of) and put it in front of a green screen. He then sent the episodes off to various animation houses and let them do whatever they wanted with the background green screen. The result was surprisingly good (Carey called it the “ultimate stoner show”) but it didn’t make it on the WB. Surprise, surprise. Now it looks to have been given a second chance on Comedy Central. Hopefully it will catch on and will have a longer run.

Site News091505
Added a review of the great film The T
hin Blue Line.
Site News091005
Added a review Revolver.

News090305 Katrina’s repercussions are still working over the south.
There are still tremendous problems but now at least soldiers and extra law enforcement have arrived and started to mass in force. They will hopefully restore order and control and help get supplies to those in need. One interesting discovery has been the blog at (which is now located at: This is a blog by someone who works for a company called DirectNIC. They register domain names and offer hosting and are located in downtown New Orleans. The gentleman that runs the blog as well as some security personal and others stayed in DirectNIC’s building through the storm and have kept their network running the whole time! In addition to taking a ton of photos and posting them, they also have a running webcam and frequently update the blog. They report that the local Police are at a breaking point.

The Blog is an amazing to say the least and worth checking out. I say go HERE and check it out. I posted a couple of the photos they posted. Just click the photos to see the large versions. Top to bottom it is 1) local Police riding in a mini van, 2) a fire burning, 3) NYPD and ATC arrive, 4) the Feds' arrive and 5) water is dropped off. I just heard on CNN that they are saying 1/3 of the local Police force deserted New Orleans. One officer called those fellow officers that left cowards. They showed footage of officers being shot at in the dark of night. Crazy. I hope the situation improves fast. My heart goes out to those who are hurting in New Orleans and the rest of the areas affected by the storm and its aftereffect. To see DirectNIC's press release about the storm simply go to the link HERE.

Site News090105
Added a review of the documentary Rockets Redglare!.
News090105 Katrina takes a toll.
The imagery coming in from the news companies shows huge amounts of damage and destruction across its path. By now everyone has either seen in the news or read on some of the Katrina blogs that the situation has gotten very bad. My condolences to all those involved. Below are some quick captures made from the 3 big cable news networks.

Site News083105
Added a review of Four Brothers.
Site News083005 Site News!
Here we go. Computer problems have kept the site from being updated so in the mean time here is an update, a new (actually very old) episode of Real Political Face Talk. Check it out click HERE or go to EPISODES.

Site News082905 Finally a freakin' update!
First and foremost, a word about a very sad closing. The Rynborn Restaurant & Blues Club. located in Keene, NH has suddenly closed its doors after 18 years. The Rynborn moved from Antrim, NH to Keene in 2003 in a bid to increase business that has sadly backfired. I have fond memories of going to The Rynborn in Antrim and in Keene and had several friends that played there. It was a place to hear often excellent music that could sometime draw listeners from around New England.

Even this past new New Year’s there was a hopping show put on by the Ken Clark Organ Trio that was packed. It was a great show and I was lucky to have been there. More recently there had been signs that there were problems at The Rynborn. Gigs would be canceled or switched around or even worse the place would be rented out, often without notice. The inconsistency drove many would-be regulars away and thinned attending crowds. I suspect that it became a downward spiral that the place just couldn’t get out of. When The Rynborn was in Antrim it was in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere to be sure but it was also located on a highway that ran through the center of the locale.

When it moved to Keene its location was not so easy to spot, customers really had to seek it out. There was more business in Keene but also more competition. I wish something could have been worked out and The Rynborn could have stayed in business. I was lucky to have seen the shows I saw there (too many good ones to list here) and will miss not being able to see more music. To the right is a photo of the awesome Nicole Nelson Band playing at the old Rynborn in Antrim and also there are some photos taken with my crappy cell phone camera. The first is of some friends playing in The Great Groove Theory and the the others are the last two shots I took leaving The Rynborn.

Site News081305
Added the review of The Badge.
Site News081205
Added the review of Shadow Boxers.
Site News081105
Added the review of Cobra.
Site News081005
Added the review of Fun With Dick and Jane.
Site News080805
Peter Jennings has passed away. I grew up watching his evening news shows and his image is a part of my childhood memories. (Along with Brokaw's and Rather's.) My condolences to his family.
Site News080605
Here's the review of The Detective and the review of the TV pilot for Wanted.
Site News080505
Here's the review of Tarnation.
Site News080205
After long delay, the review for the 1973 Dillinger flic' is up. (The review below is for the 1945 one.)
Site News072205
Uploaded a review Dillinger.
Site News071805
Uploaded a review of Fitzcarraldo.
Site News071605
Check out the review of the great, great A Streetcar Named Desire.
S ite News071505
I put up the review for the great Point Blank.
Site News071405
Here's the review of the ah', and I have to admit I didn't mind it, film: Striking Distance.
Site News071305
Added a review of the of the not so great One Good Cop.
Site News071105
Added a review of the fun Clint Eastwood World War II action / adventure flic' Where Eagles Dare.
Site News070905
Added a review of The Assassination of Richard Nixon.
Site News070805
Added a review of The Statement.
So, I had said I had been looking forward to the show Stella and what I have seen of it so far I haven’t really dug. So, I’m not always dead on with the stuff I’m excited about. That being said Steven Spielberg is shooting something I am looking forward to, a film about the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in 1972. For an article on the film go HERE.
For some photos from the set go HERE
I am even more psyched for Clint Eastwood’s upcoming World War II film that Spielberg is producing. For an article about the film go HERE.
Site News 070705

Added a review of another doc' on 70s cinema: Easy Riders and Raging Bulls.
Site News 070605
Happy Belated 4th of July! What better way to celebrate than with uh.... a review of Bandolero! Yeah. So, it doesn’t really have anything to do with the 4th but hey I wrote the review so I have to post it. Check it out.
Domino News 070605
Domino is still on for its August release after all! The sad death of Domino Harvey will not delay the movie’s release. For an article on it go HERE. An article on Mickey Rourke’s comments at Harvey’s memorial service can be found HERE.
Site News 070105

Added the review of the not so good 70s western The Hunting Party.
Site News 063005

Added the review of the documentary Gunner Palace. It is a great look inot the life of some troops in Iraq.
NewsTypeNews 063005 Domino is Dead
I apologize for the melodramatic headline but it sounded good. Domino Harvey has been found dead from a suspected drug overdose. Harvey was the daughter of actor Laurence Harvey. When she was younger she was model but gave it up and came to the States to become a firefighter and then bounty hunter. Tony Scott, a director I greatly admire, is working on fictionalized biopic of her story called: Domino. The thing is, rumor has it he went back and filmed some additional material after real life Harvey was busted in a FBI drug dealing sting. Now, with her death, rumor has it he will be going back to change the conclusion of the film. I am a bit surprised because the film is a pretty loose biography, in the film Harvey is portrayed as heterosexual while in life she was a lesbian (and supposedly disappointed at the sexual preference change.) She still was somewhat involved in the production though and the official website confirms she was helping to pic music. I searched and was only able to find one photo of real life Harvey. It isfrom 1994 and can be seen here:(click to see larger image)
A shot from the film Domino can be seen here:
The official site has comments about her sad passing HERE.
An article on her death and a little bit about her can be found HERE (This is London, from The Evening Standard,) HERE (Telegraph,) and HERE (
I have been looking forward to this film for quite awhile and am sad to hear about Harvey’s death. I must say that her story is just crying to be made into a documentary. If I had the resources I’d be making it in a heart beat. In the mean time I am still awaiting what could be an interesting film about a tragic figure. Here's hoping the Tony Scott film Domino will be a killer fictionalized tribute.
Site News 062705
Added the review of the documentary A Decade Under the Influence. It was Ted Demme's last project.
Site News 062605
Added the review of the 70's Burt Reynolds crime drama Hustle.
Site News 062505
Added the review of The Gambler.

Site News 062405
Added the review of the sequel to Tony Rome called Lady in Cement.

Site News 062305
Added review of the swinging 60's Frank Sinatra vehicle Tony Rome. It's a fun flic' and probably worth a look. I say, at least give the review a looky'.

Site News 062105
Added review of the Christopher Nolan directed Batman Begins, a solid super hero flic.

Site News 061705
Added review of the remake Assault on Precinct 13. It was not as good as the original John Carpenter flic' but it was still worth seeing if you like action flics. Check the review.

TV Type News 061605
STELLA! STEEEEEELLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! No, I'm not quoting Marlon Brando, I'm talking about the upcoming show on Comedy Central from Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain. The trio all worked on the lost show The State. The State was a underrated sketch comedy show that aired on MTV. The trio also worked to a varying degree on the film Wet Hot American Summer. Wet Hot American Summer is a little seen wacky, sort of absurdest comedy that parodies teen flicks. It's worth checking out if you are a fan of the State. Michael Ian Black is the most recognizable of the trio in STELLA, he had a role on the show Ed. STELLA itself is the latest version of the three man group. The produced short films on their official website (which is linked to below) and have off and on done live performances. Here are some captures from a STELLA promo:

For the official STELLA site go HERE.
For the official Comedy Central STELLA site go HERE.
For Michael Ian Black's filmography at IMDB go HERE.

Site News 061505
Added review of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

TV Type News 061405
Ok, so maybe I'm a goob but seeing Paul McCartney play in Red Square brought a tear to my eye even when I saw only the clips of the performance broadcast on the nightly news. Yesterday A&E showed Paul McCartney - Live in Red Square, a documentary about his performance in Russia and the history of the Beatles in the country. It was very moving to see fans young and old finally get to see and hear at least one of the Beatles perform in their country. There was one moment that may have been left out of the show that I remember from the news. I remember Paul emotionally saying to the crowd at the end of a long show: "Look, we've got to go home." It may have been in there and I might have missed it. The broadcast coincides with the upcoming July 14th release of the DVD of Paul McCartney - Live in Red Square. (The missed moment may be on the DVD.) I say based on what I saw on A&E the DVD will probably be worth checking out. Here are some frame grabs from the show:

Huh News 061305
Huh. So, Katie Holmes is converting to scientology, Paris Hilton is giving up public life and Michael Jackson is not guilty on all counts. I don't know which is the strangest story.
Go HERE for the Jackson Trial.
Go HERE for Katie Holmes converting and HERE to "FREE KATIE."
Go HERE to read about how everyone's favorite bootleg video star is giving up the public life.

Site News 061005
Added review of Bon Voyage.

Dork TV News 060805
So, I have to post this because... well... it kind of bummed me out. Norm Macdonald has a new TV show special called Back to Norm. I have championed Macdonald amongst my fellow film dork friends as being a misunderstood talent. The problem is he seems to pick projects that don't help my argument. Take Back to Norm; it looked to me like Comedy Central was desperate to fill the void left by Dave Chappelle going bye-bye with anything they could. The format for Macdonald's special looked very similar to Chappelle's show and I can't help but wonder if Macdonald's show had been a smash success than maybe the powers that be would have made a series to fill the gap. Sadly there were only some moderately funny bits in Back to Norm and Comedy Central seems to agree as they had nothing about the special on their site. Here's hoping that Macdonald can find a project to show off his skills or, if there is more of Back to Norm, that it gets better fast.

Dork Movie News: Here's hoping for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 060705
Shane Black wrote the screenplay for two of my favorite movies Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout. The Last Boy Scout in particular is an underrated action film combining a story structure similar to something like The Maltese Falcon with great over the top action and clever character arch types. Tony Scott's direction worked great with the material and he made some killer action sequences. I bring this up because Shane Black has directed his first film called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and it looks like it could be a fun, off the wall, action flic. Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr are the two leads. There is no official site that I know of yet but you can go to to the IMDB page HERE and there are some early production photos at UP4U HERE (they may be spoilers.) I hope Black can pull it off, I was pretty disappointed in writer David S. Goyer's big budget directorial job on Blade: Trinity. (To be fair he had directed the small film ZigZag which I haven't seen.) I think part of the key with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang will be how the action is handled. Black wrote the film The Long Kiss Goodnight. I liked the funny dialogue but didn't really care for most of the action sequences. He just needs to find an exciting way to capture his writing on screen.

Newsy' News News052605
The Contender is coming back!
Sooooooo, I was late in the game when it came to watching the show The Contender. (The boxing TV series hosted by Sylvester Stallone.) The show hooked me once I caught an episode. The finale episode aired Tuesday and it was a great one! According to some articles the fighters are coming back for a July 5th event. Hopefully, if that is successful, there will be another season of The Contender. Sergio is the man, the expressions he would shoot his opponents were great and it definitely made for fun TV. I quickly captured one of his taunting looks:

Yeah, the fights on the show are over supped up with sound effects and editing but it works and they are often very exciting. Go here for some articles on the July 5th match: East Side Boxing and Fight News.

Chappelle disappearance a hoax?
I was really hoping so. It seemed like a genius marketing ploy to me. After all comedian Dave Chappelle had made fun of funky celebrity behavior, so how perfect a gag and way of generating buzz than some sort of conflict and disappearance in the show’s production? Unfortunately it seems that Chappelle really did jet off to South Africa on some sort of retreat and not tell many people. Wacky. I thought Chappelle Show was hilarious and have been a fan of Dave Chappelle’s standup since college. (The first time I remember noticing him was of all things as Ahchoo in Mel Brook’s film Robin Hood: Men in tights.) I keep hoping this is all part of some wacky hoax but it seems to be for real. Neal Brennan, Chappelle’s chief co-writer, was apparently left in the dark and pretty peeved about the whole disappearing stunt. Now that there are sightings of Chappelle in Ohio, hopefully it means that he is back and production on the Chappelle Show Season 3. The first seasons are a hard act to follow but I think Chappelle and co’ can pull it off. For some articles on Chappelle’s disappearance and reappearance go here:
E! Online

Newsy' News News052105
So I have to post this.... It looks like the Senate in Illinois is going to be passing a bill to level fines on retailers if they sell violent video games to minors... Now that sounds ridiculous enough but get a load of what the bill’s sponsor, Senator Deanna Demuzio, said about video games: "Video games are not art or media," So what are they? Well according to her: "They are simulations, ...” Now how asinine is that? Assuming for a moment that they are not art at face value but simply, ahem, "simulations." Couldn’t there be art in "simulations" or better still isn’t there art in the code that is the foundation of her so called "simulations?" Beyond that, how can anyone say there is not art in video games? Below are some pics I grabbed quickly from PS3.IGN.COM. Now they may not be your cup of tea but tell me they don’t have artistic merit. What a tool. An article about the bill can be found HERE. Click the pics for high res versions.

Star Wars news marches on. The film already made 50 million in domestic sales..... Lucas is one rich mo-fo'. There is an article about it HERE.
In site news I added the review of My Best Friend.

Newsy' News News052005
Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars! It’s everywhere! Some fans are bitter, some are happy. I for one, like Revenge of the Sith (up to a point anyway) but don’t care for the changes to the original trilogy. For my take on Lucas's treatment of the original trilogy and some bad Star Wars humor, check out EPISODES 1 and 2 of Real Political Face Talk. For another take check out a couple of fans rants that can be found HERE. It’s interesting that the most political movie at the moments seems to be Revenge of the Sith. For an article on all the “controversy” go HERE. Hey, I saw the movie and yes there is dialogue about the dangers of waging a war to gain popularity and power. Guess what? The movie shows it’s bad. Conservative groups have talked about boycotting it. Good freaking luck. If you want to argue going to war to stay in power is a good thing you missed Hitler by several years. Jackasses. That’s my science fiction news for the day, for RPFT updates, I added a review of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the Junk and Interviews sections. Woo hoo.

Site News051905
Added a review of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, which I finished at 4:30am after going to a midnight show, and then returning home to write the review and have a Gin and juice.

Site News051805
Added a review of Stander.

Site News051405
Added a review of Incident at Loch Ness.

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