033006 Youtube.com Street Ninja
I am being bad with the updates so for now it is a youtube post. I like Ninjas. Who doesn't like Ninjas? This vid was listed under the misleading title of Street Ninja. So, the bad news is there are no Ninjas in this video. The good news is this is an insane video of this little guy doing all these crazy flips, jumps and tumbles. Think I'm wrong? Check it out:

032206 Youtube.com totally nuts police chase
So today is youtube day or something. I haven’t posted anything like this before but man is this nuts. Here is a police chase that I am going to say I think is real but I don’t know for sure if it is. This is a crazy chase that appears to be from somewhere in Europe. It is not too long but trust me the way it ends is wild!! Check it out below.

031706 Youtube.com The (Muppet) Matrix
It has been around for awhile and it is pretty one note but I still had to post The Muppet Matrix.

031506 Sopranos Episode 1 of season 6 review added
The beginning of the end of the TV show The Sopranos. Check out the review of Episode 1 of season 6 HERE.
031406 Youtube.com live action Simpsons
Sky Tv in Britain made a live action version of The Simpsons intro that has been all over the web. It kicks booty and can be seen right here:

031306 Youtube.com goodness of the day
This guy plays the mario theme on two guitars at once and it you know kinda' blew my mind. He seems to have a little bit too much time on his hands but it might have been worth it. Check it out:

031006 Site news
I added a review of the film The Proposition. It has not been released in the States yet but will hopefully be coming out this year. It is a dark and violent western set in Australia. Check out the review HERE.
030906 Movie -game news
So I am a big fan of the John Woo flic’ Hard Boiled. The film stars Chow Yun-Fat as a cop named Tequilla who, with reluctant ally Tony (Tony Leung Chiu Wai,) wages a war against organized crime. The film has awesome action sequences that Woo only came close to matching in the states with Face/Off. Anywho’, Woo is producing a sequel of sorts, in videogame form, called Stranglehold. Chow Yun-Fat is on board too and despite the early preview trailer that came out last year looking pretty weak, the recent previews are looking downright cool. The game is being put out by Midway who doesn’t exactly have the best track record in the world but they have put out some good games like The Suffering series and the game Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. If freaken’ Midway can just get the play mechanics down then this could be a really good game. Hell, even if they just rip off the Max Payne games play mechanics they can pretty much be guaranteed to create a halfway enjoyable game. The below screen shots are from IGN, you can click them to go to the larger pics at IGN or you can just go to their preview page for Stranglehold HERE.

030806 New review
Added a review for the amusing flic' The Matador.
030706 Updates and more of Da' Oscars
Updated the reviews of Leo and Panic. Both films are solid little seen films. Panic is especially worth checking out. Crash was so not the best movie of the year but at least it is a petty good film with lots of good performances. A word on Jon Stewart. He was one of the better hosts the Oscars has had and he should never get flak for any weakening in the viewership.
030606 Da' Oscars
So the Oscars came and went and some of the awards went to the nominees I wanted and others not so much. Crash got best film of the year and I gotta’ say, while I enjoyed the film overall I don’t think it was the best film of the year. Still it is hard to ignore the admiration that everyone who worked on the film seems to have for it. George Clooney got an Oscar for his performance in Syriana and while I have not seen that movie yet, I must say I thought he deserved some sort of award for his work on good night, and good luck. Rachel Weisz certainly deserved her award and it is a shame that The Constant Gardener didn’t get more recognition. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Reese Witherspoon both got awards and they certainly have earned them with performances in many films. I particularly liked Hoffman in an underrated (and disturbing) film called Happiness and Witherspoon in an equally underrated (but slightly less disturbing) film called Freeway. The after show of Jimmy Kimmel Live was actually pretty darn funny, too. Quentin Tarantino and Johnny Knoxville were the guests and Tarantino talked about his favorite movies of the year. For the Oscar results go HERE.
030406 New review
Added a review of the great film good night, and good luck.
030306 Interesting new film
So awhile back I review the movie When Will I be Loved. (The review can be found HERE.) I can’t say I recommended it or really enjoyed the movie as a whole except that Neve Campbell appears nude in the film. Actually, I really did like some performances and some of the scenes in the film, seriously, really. But yeah, really only see it for nude Neve. Anyhew’, I bring that up because I just saw a preview for a film that is about the making of When Will I be Loved and about its director James Toback, called The Outsider. I like some of Toback’s films and I must say The Outsider looks like it could be really good. I look forward to seeing it and you can check out its site HERE.
022306 Great site to check out
I am behind in the updates again but in the meantime I give you a really funny and cool page: The Top Ten Sci-Fi Films That Never Existed. It is a really clever breakdown of films that never quite came out the way they should have. I particularly like the take on the Star Wars prequels. It is written by David Wong and can be found HERE.
021406 Cheney shoots first, opens eyes later
You know, I couldn’t wait until The Daily Show came on yesterday. Why? Because I knew the show would have a field day with Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shooting a man in the face while quail hunting. I feel for the guy he shot but good gravy you couldn’t write a better set up for jokes if you tried. The Daily Show didn’t disappoint and continued to show it is one of the funniest television programs around... If you can, check out the 021305 broadcast for some seriously funny Cheney humor. Check out an article about the shooting HERE.
021306 A site to see

So what is the bestest’ website in all the land? Why it is The Superficial (http://thesuperficial.com) This a very funny celebrity story oriented website that has tons of updates and really funny commentary on celebrity photos, news and gossip. I mean where eles can you read about how "Calista Flockhart might be Gollum." Check it out HERE!
021306 Netflix news
Do you Netflix? I Netflix and I have noticed that the company seems to mess with the shipping of my movies. Apparently I am not alone in this observation and there is even a term for it, “throttling.” There’s an interesting article about it HERE. Frankly, it kinda’ makes me want to throttle Netflix for slowing up my movies sometimes.
Site Update 021106

Added a review of The Family Stone. There was enough mediocre entertainment for me to give this flic a moderate recommendation. Check out the review HERE.
Update 020706
After waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too long, here is a review of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I liked the movie and remember reading the books and watching the somewhat cheesy BBC series when I was but a wee lad.
Update 011306
So I have been slacking with the website updates and I have not been working on the reviews like I should be. Howard Stern has entered the world of satellite radio and may have had a hand in altering the way entertainment media is brought to the masses in the process. Of equal importance, the trailer for Kevin Smith’s latest film is out. I wanted to so like his latest feature which is… dah, dah, daaaaahhhhhh… Clerks 2! Aaaaannnnnd you know what? The trailer made me laugh (the end of it) and made me really, really, want to see Clerks 2. It looks like Mr. Smith might have another winner on his hands. The only downside is the dubious casting of his wife in one of the female leads... Mr. Smith, I know you have to get ass, we all do, but casting your wife is a dangerous practice. On the other hand he may have cast her because she can knock the role out of the park, so what do I know? Besides, one thing is clear from the trailer: Mr. Smith made the right move casting the super talented, super attractive, and very underrated Rosario Dawson in the film. You can see the Clerks 2 trailer HERE, (which is: http://www.clerks2blog.com/teaser/clerks2teaser.mov)
New Year! 010106
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Howard Stern News121605
Lets hear it for new technology! Howard Stern had his last radio show today and thanks to Yahoo! there was a live video stream of the show and Howard’s tour on a double decker bus (courtesy of Yahoo!) The video feed is (as of 12:36pm still going) and has followed Howard, his crew, and various celebs’ (including Martha Stewart!) His farewell may have not been broadcast live on cable but it made it out over the net. Checking out the video, it occurred to me that there may be signs of change in media technology. Here is the biggest radio personality today leaving radio to jump to censorship free satellite and it was shown on the internet, not on a network. The Yahoo! Howard page is located HERE (http://music.yahoo.com/promos/howardstern/).
Added a review of the film Jarhead.
Sad News121105
I am still behind when it comes to all things website but I could not ignore the sad passing of Richard Pryor yesterday. He was a true talent. His comedy skills are unquestioned but I think he had quite the dramatic chops and often couldn't find the best roles to showcase them. There are many things to see him in but three films that come right to mind are: a supporting role in The Mack, a lead opposite Harvey Keitel and Yaphet Kotto in Blue Collar, and a co-staring role in Stir Crazy. I was always waiting for him to emerge again from seclusion but that only came in the form of a brief appearance at a special honoring him. Long live Richard Pryor! A small article can be found HERE.
Site News112205
Alright so I am still slacking with the updates. In the interim I say check out Comedians of Comedy on Comedy Central. I am working on a review of the Comedians of Comedy movie and I will hopefully be posting it shortly. It features Patton Oswalt, Brain Posehn, Maria Bamford and Zach Galifianakis and so does the show. They are all very talented comedians in their own right and worth checking out. I say, track down the show any way you can.....
Site News111505
Back after a loooooooooooooooonnnnnnggg absence with a review of the Domino Harvey biopic' Domino. It is a sort of mixed bag but what can I say? I dig Tony Scott's films.
Site News102105

So the rains have stopped. I snapped a couple of photos on Friday the 14th when we got our last burst of rain and there was some minor flooding. For now everything is slowly draining and hopefully hurricane Wilma won’t make more problems for us. I posted it before but you can see some photos from the air of the damage HERE and some photos taken by a friend of a friend (complete with captions) can be found HERE. Also, I should mention my buddy Chuck’s blog which can be found HERE. I gave him crap for not linking to my site so it is only fair to link to his. Finally, here are the photos from last Friday, shot ONE and TWO.
Site News101305
Rain in New Hampshire
Since it is such a small state and the flooding has been contained only to certain parts of NH it hasn’t gotten too much coverage on the 'ol TV but we have been drenched. The Governor declared a state of emergency because of the flooding and lucky me I happened to live in one of the areas hit by the rising waters. Fortunately I got off easy and have to say I didn’t lose my apartment or have any real damage despite the water making it right up to my front steps. Below are a few photos I snapped with my crappy cell phone camera. Left to right: 1) what I saw when I looked out my front door, 2) looking down my street after driving through the water and heading away from my house, 3) moving away from the flooding and seeing water come up over a bridge, 4) water rising towards a car lot on my road and 5) water starting to enter the car lot.

. .. .

and here is the view out my front door: 1) after the water had gone down showing how far it came up to (the tube in the backround is for water being pumped from a house down the road) and 2) how far the water would wash up to when there were waves:


To end, here is a photo from the New Hampshire Department of Saftey website HERE. The photo shows part of my street from the air:

Site News100505
Added a section in Random that is dedicated to sfuff Real Political Face Talk is looking for. You can see it HERE
Annnnnnnd just because this week is dragging and we all need some entertainment I give you:
Gallery of the Absurd.
This is a blog by an artist going only by the name, uh’, 14. She does these knock out renditions of celebrities that crack me up. This lady has serious talent! If you go there and you dig it make sure you check out her past updates. Sadly, at present 14 is on a hiatus for who knows how long. Booooooo! At least in the mean time you can check out all the great stuff she has done so far. She made probably the funniest photo of Britney Spears that I have ever seen. I put it and a couple others below for your viewing pleasure. Click them to go to their larger versions on her blog or go to her homepage HERE. You rock 14!

Site News100405
Added a review of Stone Cold.
Site News100105
Added a review of Live From New York: The First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live .

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