112708 Happy T-Day!!!
.. . . . . .From me and mine, to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving!!! Eat 'till you 'splode and tip your glass around the world.
.. . . . . .-Nate


112408 Being disabled has its perks, like annoying paperwork.
.. . . . . .I don't usually post about boring personal stuff but in an effort to remember some of the more annoying trials that pop from time to time I decided to write about my recent attempt to renew my drivers license and register my van. Also, I have become obsessed with taking wide-angle panoramic photos for no apparent reason. Above is one of my first successful attempts. Anyway, back to the DMV stuff. So, I am disabled and to see me for 5 seconds is to know that clearly I have various physical ailments that force me to use a wheelchair to get around. I have always used either crutches or a wheelchair to get around and from birth it was always evident that I am disabled. This comes into play because recently when I went to register my van, I got a rather cryptic letter back from the town I just moved to saying they encountered an “error”. They offered almost no explanation what the sam-scratch that meant and instead gave me a number to call. I wrongly assumed that was a number for the town hall and only discovered after I called that it was the number for the state DMV. They turned out to be quite helpful and explained to me that when my license expires I have to re-validate my handicap license plates. To do so, I had to have my doctor fill out a form that says yes, I am disabled and no this hasn't been some elaborate rouse, put on for the past 29 years to gain access to handicap parking. Great.
.. . . . . .So, I go to my doctor's office and drop off the form. My doctor was out so a fill-in would be completing my form. The following week I went back and picked up the form. I made the mistake of not actually looking at it until later that day. When I did look at the form I saw that the doctor had clearly stated that my condition is “temporary”...... He said that I only get a 6 month parking permit as after six months I will no longer have my condition.... WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm cured!!! Once I realized that my 6 month permit would cure me I went on a 2 week bender, after which I woke up in a seedy motel in Bangkok. One of the transvestite prostitutes looked at the form and told me that I had been mislead. That, in fact, the doctor made a mistake and I was not to be cured in 6 months. After I got out of detox back here in the States, I called up my doctors office and they told me that the fill-in doctor had been completing all paperwork in a “temporary” fashion because he was a temporary replacement and did not want his name on any permanent records. Great.
.. . . . . .I went back to my doctor's office and they were nice enough to have the form re-filled out by someone else while I waited. I sent the correctly completed form in to the DMV and now I am waiting to find out if everything is all set. I did get my license renewed which was thankfully free of any issues. However, I still don't know about the registration (to say nothing of getting my van inspected which always seems to mean at least $500.) I can't wait until I get pulled over and try to explain all this to the officer. So that is my whining for the day, I apologize to everyone who has had to hear about it a million times already. Ok so maybe I embellished a little bit, maybe the prostitute wasn't a transvestite.
.. . . . . .-Nate


112108 New review of PC game ‘Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway’.
.. . . . . .Here is a review of the PC game ‘Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway’. The last in a series of first person shooters that have a dose of strategy injected into them. See the review HERE. -Nate


111808 New Star Trek Trailer..... duuuuuuuuude....
.. . . . . .The new trailer for the upcoming 'Star Trek' film is out and looks pretty cool. So, it is a good trailer but it doesn't really give a sense of what the film will be like. Plus, there is a silly looking part of the trailer showing Kirk as a kid. Still, J.J. Abrams is certainly talented and here's hoping it will be a fun sci-fi flic'. Plus it has a strong cast. I'm especially psyched to see John Cho as Sulu and Simon Pegg as Scotty (they are wedged in the back of the
above picture.) To see a shorter version of the trailer that drops the silly Kirk intro, view it from IGN HERE. If you want to see the full trailer go to the official 'Star Trek' site HERE. -Nate


111508 There is a new 'Watchmen' trailer on the loose.
.. . . . . .I am just so psyched for Zach Snyder's upcomming adaptation of the comic 'Watchmen'. I posted about it already back in July. Now, a new trailer has been released and it just looks too cool. See it in small HERE, medium HERE, and large HERE. You can find the official 'Watchmen' site HERE.


110708 Go to your weekend with some goo.
.. . . . . .As I said, go to your weekend with some goo!! 'World of Goo' is a great little game, available for the Nintendo Wii, PC now just released on Mac as well. 'World of Goo' is a fun puzzle game and the most impressive part is it was almost entirely made by just two guys! The game can be purchased for $15 to $20 and is well worth it. I must say, I can't promote this game enough, it is better than a lot more expensive games on the market. To the left you can see 'World of Goo' in action. You can also try a demo on the official site of the company behind the game 2D Boy, HERE. I ended up getting both the Wii and PC versions and $35 it still seems like a bargain. Anywho', check out my review HERE.


110408 Obama makes history.
.. . . . . .I usually don't post about things political but I just had to mention the election. Obama has made history and I can't help but feel a sense of excitement. I will leave most of the political commentating to the numerous political sites and my friends at the blog 'The Best Way to Have Good Ideas is to Have Lots' HERE. It was almost impossible not to get wrapped up watching both McCain's concession speech and Obama's acceptance speech. Both were moving and Obama never missed a beat while delivering a powerful acceptance. As silly
as it may sound, I am thankful to have someone who will be the leader of our country who is, if nothing else, a positive and charismatic figure. Obama was at his best this evening/ early morning and as I started this post by saying, I can't help but be excited for the future. -Nate PS. Even to read back part of his speech gave me a rush:
.. . . . . .“To those -- to those who would tear the world down: We will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security: We support you. And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright: Tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope."


110308Start your week off with a 'Gran Torino'.
.. . . . . .There is just something about Clint Eastwood.... I'll watch just about anything that he is in and I find that I generally enjoy films that he directed. 'Unforgiven' is a favorite film of mine and 'Mystic River' is pretty darn close (not to mention 'Dirty Harry' and 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly'.) Hell, even 'The Outlaw Josey Whales' holds up quite well and is a bit underrated in my opinion. Currently, the Eastwood directed 'Changling' is making its way through theaters. While I'm sure I will see the film sooner or later, for whatever reason 'Changling' just doesn't do it for me. The film has gotten mixed notices and I don't know, I just don't have a huge itch to see it.
.. . . . . .However, the upcoming film 'Gran Torino' looks like something I really want to see. Eastwood produces, directs, and stars in the film that looks to be an enjoyable melodrama. The trailer plays well but I suppose this is the sort of thing that could be either really enjoyable or really hammy. Eastwood stars as an elderly, gruff, war veteran who doesn't seem to be too popular in his neighborhood. When he crosses paths with a gang that has begun to entangled his neighbor's children. Threats are made and then the stakes get heightened when gun play erupts. The titled gran torino is a prized possession of Eastwood's grizzled veteran and I am not exactly sure what the significance of the car is.
.. . . . . .The official website has a more succinct description. It reads: “Clint Eastwood stars in the drama 'Gran Torino', marking his first film role since his Oscar-winning 'Million Dollar Baby'. Eastwood also directs the film in which he plays Walt Kowalski, an iron-willed veteran living in a changing world, who is forced by his immigrant neighbors to confront his own long-held prejudices.” Actually, that makes it sound not as cool as the
trailer looks..... I am certainly hoping this will be a strong film and am totally psyched to see it. I am hoping 'Gran Torino'
will be more of a crime-drama and less of a weepy-melodrama. Anyway, the official site for 'Gran Torino' can be seen HERE. Now that the official trailer for 'Gran Torino' has been released you can see it on the official website. You also can see the trailer for 'Gran Torino' in a view sizes: small HERE, medium HERE, and large HERE.

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