..112409 On the horizon is HBO's 'The Pacific' and I can't wait!
. . . . . .I love ‘Band of Brothers’. It is one of the great pieces of entertainment and one of the best looks at the American soldiers caught in the WW2 European front. The episodes are bookended with interviews with some of the real soldiers that are portrayed in the show (in my opinion, much more effective and sincere than the forced-feeling bookends in ‘Saving Private Ryan’ but that could just be my issue.) Anyway, HBO has an upcoming series called ‘The Pacific’ that looks to be something of a follow up to the great ‘Band of Brothers’ (although, obviously it will be about a different group of soldiers.) ‘Band of Brothers’ is a tough act to follow but even if ‘The Pacific’ is half as good as its predecessor, it will still be worth checking out. I'll be curious to see if the new HBO series will be made in the same format as 'Band of Brothers', with the real soldiers interviewed throughout. ‘The Pacific’ won’t be arriving until next year. No word when in 2010 'The Pacific' will start to air so I just have to make do with a small featurette and some short teasers (one of which is to the left.) The official site for 'The Pacific' is HERE. . . . . . .In the meantime, if you have a Blu-ray player, 'Band of
Brothers’ looks incredible on the format! The series is one of the best looking Blu-rays around. Much of the show has boosted levels of detail that were, to me, jaw dropping. The closeups loo good and the backgrounds have so much detail that they have an almost three dimensional look. I don't want to oversell it but the tranfer really did impress me. That being said, if you haven't made the jump to Blu-ray yet, you can't go wrong with the DVD. Make no mistake: the DVD looks great too and you won't be dissapointed. HBO just managed to take full advantage of the high definition format. I wish more Blu-rays had as strong a transfer as 'Band of Borthers'. If you like tales of war and haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and pick up the Blu-ray to right or the DVD on the far right. Good stuff, get it if you can.


..110409 new interview with the director of ‘Return to Lake Havasu: the story of the making of Day of the Wolves’ !
. . . . . .Earlier this year, I was shown a fun little crime drama called 'Day of the Wolves'. Some may watch the 70s heist film and be turned off by the small budget and largely bloodless action. Others like me, might find it quite a fun movie that has been unfairly hidden. In writing my review of the film I found out that there was a documentary being made about it called ‘Return to Lake Havasu: the story of the making of Day of the Wolves’. The documentary is coming out in 2010 and the director, Greg Quinn was nice enough to take the time for an interview. The focus was 'Day
of the Wolves', as well as ‘Return to Lake Havasu: the story of the making of Day of the Wolves’ but Mr. Quinn also answered some questions about another film he is working on, 'Winning Big'. Those that are curious should check out the interview by clicking the above photo or HERE. My thanks to Mr. Quinn for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do the interview! -Nate


..110309 Public Enemies on DVD and Blu-ray early?
. . . . . .I really enjoyed Michael Mann’s film ‘Public Enemies’ and can’t wait to get my grubby hands on the Blu-ray. The official release date is December 8th but some people have been posting in forums that it will show up early on November 10th. I’m hoping the release date is one rumor that turns out to be true. From what I can tell, the film will be released in the same version that was shown at the theater. I read at that there was an alternate cut submitted for review in the UK but it seems that may not have been true. Either way, I cannot wait to check out the Blu-ray. You can get it from Amazon to the left (on DVD, 2 disc DVD, and Blu-ray no less) but they still show the December 8th date. I keep waiting for there to be some sort of update on Amazon. -Nate


..110309 new interview coming soon
. . . . . .Sometime in the next couple of days I will be posting an interview with filmmaker Greg Quinn. Quinn is working on multiple projects currently and one of them is about a low budget crime drama from the 1970s called ‘Day of the Wolves’. You may just want to check it out. In writing my review of the film (see that HERE) I stumbled up some information Quinn’s film: ‘Return to Lake Havasu: the story of the making of Day of the Wolves’. Quinn was extremely nice and goes into a lot of detail about ‘Day of the Wolves’ and beyond. I will probably have it up, tomorrow or the day after. -Nate


..110309 John Carpenter part 2
. . . . . .On a different note, in my Halloween post, I was lamenting that John Carpenter has not made a full length movie in ages. I found out that a new Carpenter film is due to come out in 2010. The movie is called ‘The Ward’ and is listed a horror film. No official site yet but you can some preproduction footage at John Carpenter’s official site HERE. See the page with some details on ‘The Ward’ HERE. -Nate

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