..122409 Congratulations to Matt and Mieko!
. . . . . .My very dear friends are the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl!! Nothing like making it just in time for the holidays... All my love to the new family! -Nate


..122409 Happy Holidays!
. . . . . .Here's hoping that you all get to have a good time over the holidays and heading into the new year! From me and mine to you and yours, have a great time, relax, and enjoy all you can! -Nate


..122109 Actress Brittany Murphy passed away
. . . . . .I was driving back from my folk's place while trying to remember which trailers I wanted to put in the last post when I heard on the radio that actress Brittany Murphy passed away. I can't claim to be familiar with a lot of her work but I always thought she was better (and creepier) than she got credit for in a small role in the disturbing little film 'Freeway'. I seem to remember liking her in '8 Mile' and 'Sin City' (pictured left.) as well. She was only 32 and looked to have had a whole life and career ahead of her. You can read more at 'The Boston Globe' HERE. Rest in peace. -Nate


..122109 Overdue update with a wave of trialers...
. . . . . .Illness and many related issues helped keep me away from updating the site so I thought I would at least post a few of the trailers I've been interested in before the whole friggin' month slips by. 'Iron Man 2', 'Robin Hood', Daybreakers', the remake of George Romero's 'The Crazies', 'Brookllyn's Finest', and 'Saint John of Las Vegas' all got my attention for various reasons. Now all I have to do is get out of debt so I can afford to go to the movies.... -Nate
..Iron Man 2 trailer:
..Robin Hood trailer:
..Daybreakers trailer:
..The Crazies trailer: (remake of the George Romero film)
..Brooklyn's Finest trailer:
..Saint John of Las Vegas trailer:

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