..013110 Just under the wire update

. . . . . .I cannot believe January is all but gone and I didn't make one update since the 1rst. 2010 has been something like repeated kicks to the jewels. Needless to say, my being in a downward funk left me dazed and closed off to anything productive.
. . . . . .I must say that I was also saddened to read about artist/ actor/ filmmaker Dennis Hopper's failing health. I posted last year on his birthday because I had been going back and watching his films. I keep waiting for someone to do a documentary on him. His filmmography may contain many not so satisfying movies but it also includes many great ones. He has been working in film for ages and is something of a living legend. He has been acting since the mid-1950s. He has worked with many talented artists and if nothing else, he is a living link to filmmakers that have passed on. I think he is underrated and unfortunately I also think think that there won;t be a documentary about Hopper until after he is gone. I hope the reports of him being in his last days are false and he is on a recovery track. Get better sir and hang in there! On a less downbeat note: I must thank for bringing to my attention the live action Yamato film. I can't help myself, I am psyched to see this one. Even if it gets godawful review, I'll probably have to check it out. Below is the teaser. -Nate


..010110 Happy New Year!
. . . . . .As I keep saying, 2010 sounds like a year that should have flying cars and homes in outer space. Anything less seems anticlimactic. Since that won't be happening anytime soon, I am settling for a New Year's resolution of getting out of debt. That was more or less my resolution last year, so here's hoping it will actually happen this time. May all your resolutions come to fruition, have a great time and party on! -Nate

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