Site News051305
Added a review of Electra Glide in Blue.

Site News051205
Added a review of Hotel Rwanda, a vey, very, good movie.

Site News051105
Added a review of City of Ghosts.

Site News051005
Added a review of DiG!

Site News050905
Sorry for the delay in updates. More coming soon but for now a review of Saw has been added.

Site News042505
Added review of Taegukgi.

Site News042105
Added review of Sin City.

Site News042005
Added review of Going in Style.

Site News041505
Added review of After the Sunset.

Site News041405
Added reviews of Clone Wars and Suspect Zero.

Site News041305
Added reviews of Control and Crimson Rivers 2.

Site News041205
Finally not sick! Woo hoo! Here's a review of Stuck on You.

Site News040605
Still sick, posted reviews of Be Cool and The Eagle has Landed.

Site News040405
So, I am very sick and can't update right now. It doesn't have anything to do with anything but I must say, you should check out the The First 48. It's one of the best crime shows around. Great stuff.

Site News040105
Happy April Fools Day! Wooooooooo! Party! Annnnnnnnd what better way to celebrate a ridiculous holiday? Why by putting out a new cartoon made by a fool! The new episode of Real Political Face Talk is up.....
You can email: rpftwebmaster [at symbol] hotmail [dot] com

Site News033105
Added review of Constantine annnnnnnnd Episode 3 of Real Political Face Talk coming SOON!

Site News032905
Added review of Point of Origin

Site News032805
Added review of Jim Brown - All American

DVD News032805
So in the world of DVD releases there are some exciting ones coming up. First the TV releases:

Muppets: Season 1
Other sites have mentioned rumors but the underrated DVD site TV Shows on DVD . com has reported that it is coming in 2005. I believe it will be coming in the second half of the year from what I have heard. (The TV Shows on DVD article does not specify a date other than that it will be in 2005.) The good news is they are more or less confirming what I have hear: That there will be a selection of extra features! Woo hoo! Check out the article: here
Wanted Dead or Alive: Season 1
Ok so everyone has heard about this but I thought I would pass it on to all you McQueen fans out there. There is going to be a set of special features, including a documentary on McQueen and featurettes on the show. Coming in early June, this four disc set looks to be pretty sweet!
Tilt: Season 1
Coming on the 14th of June. What I saw of this series was great and it looks like it will have some good special features: Commentary on one episode, deleted scenes (including an alternate ending,) bloopers, auditions, and some featurettes.

Now the flics’:

Jaws: 30th anniversary edition
This is coming on June 14th. Well I do know that it looks like they are going to include the original audio track which is good but I have not heard much else. It would be nice if they included the full documentary from the Laserdisc release on a separate DVD as well as some new features. They better not just re-release the previous DVD with the original audio track and new packaging. I mean I want the original track but that would be a cheap 30th anniversary edition release.
Major Dundee
Sony is releasing an extended cut of Major Dundee. For my fellow Sam Peckinpah fans this is excellent news! Of course now that I got the good news out of the way I do have to comment that it looks like there will be no special features. Sony is saying they are doing a 5.1 remix of the soundtrack but it looks like they will not be including the original. Boooo! Come on people, get it together! It’s scheduled to be released on May 31st.
Point Blank
Yes! I’ve been waiting for this one on DVD for a loooooong time! It’s coming in early July and it will have two featurettes from the time of it’s original release as well as a commentary by John Boorman and Steve Soderbergh. Sweet!
A Very Long Engagement
There’s a new release date: July 7th. The features are scheduled to be: Disc 1 with the film and a commentary from the director and Disc 2 with deleted scenes, a documentary on the film and another historical documentary.

Site News032505
Added reviews of Shaft and The Passion of the Christ

Site News032205
Added review of Slaughter

031905 Added Episode 2 of Real Political Face Talk
Oooooooo', sooooooo exciting! So, not really but hey, it's got geek humor folks and that rates for something. You can't go wrong with geek humor, right? All I'm gonna' say is if you want George Lucas to release the older versions of the original Star Wars films on DVD than you might enjoy this episode and an upcoming one. So here it is man, go check out: Real Political Face Talk Episode 2 (and promise you won't take offense.) You, of course, can drop us a line at: rpftwebmaster [at symbol] hotmail [dot] com

Site News and News, News 031705
Added the review of Open Range.
In sort of site news, I stumbled on this article about how there are a lot of fan films inspired by George Lucas’s Star Wars films. Not to toot our own horn here but the next episode of Real Political Face Talk should be poking some fun at ‘ol Mr Lucas. Hopefully no one will take it seriously because it’s just a dumb cartoon and we are some mighty big Star Wars fans. The article: No films draw fan filmmakers like `Star Wars'

And in News, News, do you hear silly people talking about the end times starting now? Well I though they were silly… that is until I saw this tragedy: Tanker Truck

Site News 031605
So, today, I wanted to post for you all Blondstar. This is a great little parody that has been circulating through emails for quite some time now. It’s the best kind of parody: short, funny and clever. If you have listened to one too many Onstar commercials like I have, then I recommend: Blondstar (It’s creators can be found at: SmartElic)

Site News 031505
So just because not enough people have heard it, here is Eric Idle’s FCC Song. Fair warning, it has many expletives: FCC Song

Site News 031405
Added review of Brannigan

Site News 031105
Added review of When Will I be Loved

Movie News and News, News 031105
So, the new Star Wars Episode III trailer is out and it looks ‘kewl. (The new Star Wars movies trailors almost always look spiffy.) I was going to post it but I wasn’t sure how touchy Mr. Lucas would be. (I doubt I will like The Revenge of the Sith but I can hope.) Speaking of Lucas, some Lucas and Star Wars type humor is the subject of the next episode of Real Political Face Talk (coming soon.)

And in News, News: alright kids, when you play with kitty, don't use a gun:
A great story about a really smart man and his cat

DVD News 031105
Steve McQueen DVD news!! Huzaah! I’m a big McQueen fan and some of these releases were long over due! Warner Brothers, the studio that is redefining the way big studious can treat their libraries is releasing new DVDs of Bullitt, The Getaway, Papillon, Never so Few, Tom Horn, and The Cincinnati Kid.

Release date: (tentative) June
2 disc set with commentary from director Peter Yates!
There are two documentaries scheduled to be on the second disc

The Getaway, Papillion, Never so Few, Tom Horn and The Cincinnati Kid.
Release date: (tentative) June
I don’t have much on the features of these. The Getaway and Cincinnati Kid have commentaries (from Peckinpah biographers and Norman Jewison respectively. Let’s hope all of them get spiffy new transfers and the others have commentary tracks as well. There will also be a McQueen boxed set but I don’t know if all of the tittles will be in it. Let’s hope the revamped The Getaway release and the release of Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia spurs Warner Brothers to release an uncut Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid and a new special addition of Wild Bunch!!

Sam Fuller DVD goodness. Fuller’s films are starting to finally get the right treatment. Two titles I’ve been itching for are coming: House of Bamboo and an uncut release of The Big Red One. Everyone who has knows who Mark Hamill is should see The Big Red One!

The Big Red One
Release date: 050305
2 disc set
Commentary by Richard Schickel
A look at before & after restoration
The Real Glory: Reconstructing The Big Red One
Profile: The Men Who made the movies: Samuel Fuller
War Department film: Fighting First
1980 promotional reel
Trailers, Tv Spots and a photo gallery

House of Bamboo
Release date: 060705
Commentary by Alain Silver & James Ursin
Behind the scenes footage
*this may seem like not a full special edition but I believe at least this will cost at most only $15

Casino is coming to DVD in special edition. I was not a huge fan of this film but hey, it’s Scorsese!

Release date: 061405
So, this is supposed to be a 2 disc special edition but all I’ve heard of for features are a bunch of featurettes on the film and on thw Vegas mob scene. It could be good stuff or it could just be filler to get your dough.

Lastly, A Very Long Engagement is coming. I have not seen this film but heard it was quite good. Jean-Pierre Jeunet is very talented but I don’t always get his stuff. I couldn’t get into The City of Lost Children but maybe I need to try watching it again. I did (as did the rest of the world it would seem) enjoy Amelie.

A Very Long Engagement
Release date 052405
Two disc special edition (still unclear what the features will be.)

030805 DVD News
Now I know what you’re thinken’ to yourself, you’re thinken’: “Self, can this be? Is it too good to be true?” To that I say yes, it can be and nay.
Nay, it is not too good to be true because Airwolf Season 1 is coming to DVD! Woohoo!

Airwolf: Season 1
Release Date: (tentative) May 24
1.33:1 original aspect ratio
Mono Soundtrack
Annnnnd that’s about where the good news ends, it’s a Universal release so as far as I know unless they decide to make this a super duper secret special edition there won’t be any making of Airwolf features or anything else of the like

Also in DVD news, Dragnet ’67 is coming! For those of you that don’t know, Dragnet ’67 was the “new” Dragnet tv series that Jack Webb started almost ten years after the original series ended. (FYI: apparently it is numbered not season 1, 2, 3, etc but by Dragnet ’67, ’68, etc. I am not too familiar with the ’67 plus series, but I can’t wait to check it out on DVD

Dragnet ’67: Complete season
Release Date: (tentative) June
1.33:1 original aspect ratio
Mono Soundtrack
This is also a Universal release, so as stated above, I wouldn’t hold your breath for special features. It would really be nice to see some making ofs and commentary tracks on this series.

030505 Site News
Added the DVD review of Leo.

030305 DVD and General News
So, Sideways DVD news, it's no surprise that now, post Oscars, more Sideways DVD news has come through. In addition to the previously mentioned specs (scroll down to see those) it has been announced that there will be separate Full Screen and Widescreen releases for the film. I want to meet the chucklehead that wants the Full Screen DVD. Actually, I don’t.
Annnnnnnd this is not DVD related but it is pretty amusing and all I’ve got to say is, if you are going to have sex with firearms, for the love of Buddha, don’t do it with loaded ones:
The Post Gazette

030205 Site News
Added Traffic: The Miniseries review.

030105 First episode of Real Political Face Talk
It's up, so check it out man.

022705 General News
Oscars. So, if you are a film geek than chances are, in one form or another, you are aware of the Oscars. Tonight, many Oscars went to people who were long overdue in my book. Cate Blanchett, Morgan Freeman, Charlie Kaufman and Brad Bird were some of the most notable. It was nice to see them get their just acknowledgement. Blanchett especially, I felt had been robbed in the past (most notably for Elizabeth.) Jamie Foxx got the Oscar for Ray. Everyone, it seems, predicted he would but I hope that doesn't take away from the honor. I have not seen Ray but have been a fan of Foxx for quite some time. I remember laughing and laughing at his performance in the underrated comedy Booty Call. More recently, I saw him in Collateral and thought he made what could have been a forgettable character, memorable. Eastwood got it for Million Dollar Baby, another film I have not seen, but I do hope that this helps people realize what a talented director he is. I believe his persona as an action hero often overshadows his skills as a filmmaker. Anyhew' that's all for now, for a winners list go to:

022605 (Site News)
Added Panic DVD review

0226905 (DVD News)
Rumored Sideways DVD specs:
Sideways was the first movie review I posted and I can't wait for the DVD. All I can say is assuming the specs are correct, the featurette on here better be darn good.

Release Date TBA
1.85:1 Aspect Ratio
5.1 Dolby digital
Commentary by Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church
Deleted scenes
Preview of Kingdom of Heaven (Give me a freaking break, is this really worth mentioning?)

Peckinpah fans celebrate!
Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia is coming! I've been waiting for this one for a long time. It will be interesting to see if the rumored Bennicio Del Toro remake ever gets off the ground.
As long as MGM doesn't do a hack job on the transfer it looks like it will be a disk to get.

Release Date 032205
1.85:1 Aspect Ratio (This is to be confirmed, and I am not sure if 1.85:1 is the correct ratio that the film was shot in.)
Mono Dolby Digital
Commentary moderated by Nick Redman, featuring Paul Seydor, Garner Simmons and David Weddle (The featured commentators are all Peckinpah writers)
Theatrical Trailer

Tony Rome is coming to DVD! A handful of Sinatra flics are coming to DVD. Sadly they look devoid of extras except for the theatrical trailers but at least they will be widescreen.
Tony Rome, Lady in Cement (read: Tony Rome 2: Lady in Cement) and The Detective specs:

Release Date 052405
2.35:1 Aspect Ratio
Mono Dolby Digital
Theatrical Trailer
Fox may get the transfers right but it would be nice if they would take a cue from MGM or Warner Brothers and include a track by some Sinatra writers. Goodness knows there's plenty of them out there.

Sergio Leone DVD special Edition booty!
A Fistful of Dynamite, A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More, all coming to DVD in new special editions from MGM! The Specs for all three are still to be confirmed but as of now:

Release Date TBA
2.35:1 Aspect Ratio
5.1 Dolby Digital (Grrrr, so my big gripe with MGM's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly special edition was the damn 5.1 remix. Yes, the score sounded great but the real-ish' gunshot sound effects that were put on top of the original guns sounds stood out and sounded strange and awkward. If nothing else they should have included the English mono, along with the Italian mono.)
Christopher Frayling Commentary
A second disc with several featurettes

022305 ( Site News)
Added the review section. Also added the first review of the site, Sideways! If you have not seen this film you are an evil person that hurts puppies.... or something.

022205 ( Movie trailer type news)
So, just because it looks so cool. there is no official website yet and I am so jealous that I didn't make it myself, here is A Scanner Darkly Trailer

022105 ( news)
It is a darn good thing that I am not the superstitious type because as I do these updates (at about 1:30 am) I have learned that the one and only Hunter S. Thompson has committed suicide. He was a one of a kind, a man who created his own legend and lived up to it. Lets all drink a beer to Hunter who surely is in a better place. I wish I had had the opportunity to meet the creator of "gonzo" journalism.
He seemed so larger than life. For a little bald man it seemed he had the forceful personality of a hurricane. Even about a year ago or so, on Conan O’Brien, he still ruled. Mumbling and yelling and even teaching Conan how to shoot teddy bears with machine guns while drinking, he still came out strong. It is so sad to hear he is gone but his entertaining work will live on.
Those of you that saw the extra features on the Criterion DVD release of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas know that there is a Documentary, I believe called Hunter goes to Hollywood that has been long overdo for release... Knowing how the Hollywood machine seems to work I can only guess that this could get some of those with the $$$$ to get their rear in gear and distribute this doc. If nothing else a window into the later years of Thomson...
He will be missed. My favorite Thompson line that I can think of in my sleep deprived state: "Dogs fucked the Pope, no fault of mine." I remember reading that and laughing and laughing. Hunter, you went far too soon! Here's to Raoul Duke and everything he was. Cheers.

022105 ( SITE news)
We're online! Woo hoo! Updates to follow as this crappy site gets going.... The links are going up, the intro and the about page is up and there will be more soon.

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