What it is, what it was…
Real Political Face Talk is a non sequitur that just stuck. It is the name of this site and some short animated episodes hosted here that were made so fast and cheap that I was able to create a new one every one to two weeks… or almost every one to two weeks. That proved to be not so much a realistic goal as an insane one. So there are a few entertaining lame episodes available of Real Political Face Talk and given the time there may very well be more.

For the site itself, this is the place to find reviews, mostly of DVDs and sometimes other things. There will hopefully be interviews in not too terribly long and occasionally there is news and other things posted for your surfing enjoyment. To contact Real Political Face Talk for any reason send an email off to: rpftwebmaster (@) hotmail (.) com. So there you have it, some reviews and some cheap episodes. Stick around awhile and come back often because there is nothing like saying you just got a little Real Political Face Talk in your eyes.

I also now have an store with a ton of my favorite junk. If you get the chance, check it out, you might find something you like. You can find the Noir State A-Store at:

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