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Note: Some epsisodes contain swears, violence, and chicken.
A word on playback: in order to get the best playback possible I have removed the scrolling "news ticker" from the episodes. I may add a version of the episodes with the ticker but for the time being it was causing slow down and made the episodes lose synch on some computers.

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EPISODE 1: All women like security, right? You can watch the episode to the right or you can see it on Youtube HERE.
EPISODE 2: Lucas Forge interview part 1: the preachy bit.
Seriously folks, these are meant in good fun, and uh, ILM take no offense, all those involved are big fans. You can watch Eepisode 2 to the right or you can always see it on Youtube HERE.
EPISODE 3: Who shot first? That Solo guy or the green fellow? As sad as it is to say, this is probably the best of the bunch of the episodes. They never turned out the way I wanted them to and there is no one to blame but myself. In cool news, there is a very brief clip of this episode 2:09 minutes into the trailer for 'The People vs. George Lucas'. One of the filmmakers had
contacted me some time ago and asked if they could use clips of my stuff in their upcoming documentary (they were looking for 'Star Wars' related media on the web.) I was just psyched they wanted to do anything other than poop on it. I'm hoping some of my junk makes it in to the final film. I'm also curious to see the movie myself when it comes out in 2010. You can see 'The People vs. George Lucas' trailer HERE and web site HERE. Watch Episode 3 by clicking on the above pic' or jump to it on Youtube HERE.
Part 2 of the Lucas interview is coming (not so) soon....  
EPISODE 4: Can I get a little Real Political Face Talk? So this was the first ep' I did. I wanted to do one a week and as can be seen, that didn't happen. Since part 2 of Lucas is still on hold, here ya' go. Click the picture to the right to play it or see it on Youtube HERE.
EPISODE 5: Why can't I get a little Real Political Face Talk? This was the follow up ep' to the above episode. Because I never completed part 2 of Lucas Forge, I thought I would at least post this. Check it out to the right or see it on Youtube HERE.

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