So what is Real Political Face Talk? Well it is the latest in political discussion. It's the hip of the news elite. It's the super to the duper. Lead by host Jack Smith, the show looks into and discuses the current issues in today’s politics. Each episode will give you a fresh outlook on the world and well, it will make you a better person. In fact, if you don't watch Real Political Face Talk or at least visit this site regularly than you are a lucky bad person.

Speaking of this website it will hopefully grow, not just into a place to see bad good episodes of Real Political Face talk but also a source of news and maybe reviews... Some real, some not. What I am trying to say is you should come to this website often. Come every day, come every second, come whenever you can, because if you don't you.... uh.... that is you won't.... uh.... Actually I can't think of a reason to come to this site at all. Probably better off staying away.

But that's not the point now is it? The point is that this is a website..... A website with stuff.

You, of course, can drop us a line at: rpftwebmaster [at symbol] hotmail [dot] com

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