092906 Movie Preview: Cocaine Cowboys

No I’m not talking about the late 70s/ early 80s movie about a band smuggling cocaine. I’m talking about a new documentary of the same name: Cocaine Cowboys. The film looks at the rise of cocaine traffic and drug related crime in 80s Miami, Florida. The premise alone makes me think this will be a pretty darn good documentary.  I couldn’t find a trailer online currently but I did see some clips from the film and it looks to be very engaging. Mirroring 80s hits like the film Scarface and the TV show Miami Vice, the real Miami had a huge boost of violence because of the wave of cocaine and drug gangs that swept through the city. Hopefully Cocaine Cowboys will do well and spread to wider release. Documentaries seem to be quite in theses days so I would say it has got a chance of being a small hit. Plus it has got the whole retro 80s thing going for it and that will probably draw people in to see it. The movie will begin limited release on October 27. In the meantime you can check out the official site HERE. Cocaine Cowboys has a MySpace page that can be found HERE. Like I said, there isn’t a trailer available that I could find but there are a couple of clips from the film that are available on the MySpace page or directly at YouTube HERE and HERE. The IMDb page can be found HERE.

092706 Movie Preview: 300

(AKA: Frank Miller’s 300.) This one looks like it could be good. 300 the graphic novel was a beautiful work of art about the three hundred Spartan soldiers who fought the Persian army. Outnumbered by the thousands, they made their stand. Now Zack Snyder (who directed the Dawn of the Dead remake) is making a film adaptation and it could kick some serious booty! I enjoyed the Dawn of the Dead remake (the original is a favorite film of mine) and I think 300 could be one hell of a movie.


The challenge will be to make a fully rounded film out of Frank Miller’s gorgeous graphic novel. For now, a trailer has come out. While not the best quality, it can be seen HERE. The official site is up and it has some stuff to see (although not much from the film. The official site from Warner Brothers can HERE.


092206 Site News: Added a review of Hollywoodland

So it has some problems but I still really enjoyed Hollywoodland. Yes it is true what they say: Affleck is very good in the film... No that is not a joke. You people are mean. The guy is really good in Hollywoodland. He pretty much makes the movie. Check out the full review of the movie HERE.


092006 Let's Go to Prison.

Or see a bad movie? Well maybe not, the trailer for Let’s Go to Prison looked pretty darn funny and the film is directed by Bob Odenkirk. Odenkirk was the “Bob” of the very funny HBO comedy series Mr. Show with Bob and David. Reno 911 writer/ actors as Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon and Michael Patrick Jann scripted the film and like I say: funny trailer. Dax Shepard keeps looking for the right comedy vehicles and he may have found it with Let’s Go to Prison. He stars opposite Arrested Development actor Will Arnett. If everyone is firing on all cylinders this could be a winning comedy. The trailer is available HERE. The Official site is HERE. The film is set to be released November 22nd.

091906 Site News: Real Political Face Talk episodes on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/rpft)

It is long overdue; Real Political Face Talk episodes (the few that were made) are now available on Youtube. You can get to them through the episodes page or go directly to the Real Political Face Talk Youtube page located HERE.

091806 Site News: The last of the old Real Political Face Talk episodes.

Here for your viewing displeasure is the last of the remedial animation that is Real Political Face Talk! This was actually the second of the episodes completed far too quickly. I give you Real Political Face Talk Episode 5! Find it in the episodes section HERE (or just click the small pic to the right to go to episode 5 directly.


091506 (Macy + Mamet) x Gordon = Edmond

So try this out: a movie starring William H. Macy, written by David Mamet, and directed by Stuart Gordon. A must see, right???? Well, that’s what I would say and the trailer looks pretty good to boot... The film is called Edmond and it looks to be a horror / thriller. I would have thought the movie would have made bigger box office noise than it did, of course, the film played at only a handful of theaters and there is only so much business you can do with a super limited release like that. The good news is the film is coming to DVD October 3rd and it looks to be getting a pretty darn good release. Thanks to DVD Times for the info on the DVD, from their site the DVD should have the following special features.

“David Mamet Commentary, Stuart Gordon Commentary, Anatomy of a Thriller, Deleted Scenes”

The DVD Times Edmond post is available HERE. The Edmond official site is HERE. The trailer is HERE. For those of you that just can’t wait: the David Mamet script for Edmond is available HERE.

091406 Site news. Review added.
Added a review of Michael Mann's film of the 80's TV series Miami Vice. I enjoyed the movie despite some problems with it. Check out the review HERE.
091306 Catch a Fire
I present to you the case of director Philip Noyce. While a name that is not as well known as many Hollywood directors, Noyce has directed many movies and it is likely that you have seen at least a couple of them. Some of his movies I liked (Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger) and some not so much (Sliver, The Saint, Bone Collector.) A former college professor of mine used to say that with some filmmakers, the older they get, the more personal their film projects can become. With that in mind, I remember that Mr. Noyce had been at work on The Sum of all Fears when he became unhappy with the project and left. When he did so, Noyce directed a pair of very good films back to back: Rabbit-Proof Fence and The Quiet American. Both seemed like a bit of a departure for Noyce, they were smaller but seemed more thoughtful somehow.  
    Now the director is back with Catch a Fire. The movie looks like a drama / thriller set during Apartheid in South Africa. The trailer is out and having seen it, I am really looking forward to Catch a Fire. Tim Robbins and Derek Luke star in the film with Robbins playing a detective and Luke playing a suspect in a bombing. My rambling, boring, description doesn’t do the film justice so check out the trailer and look for this one when it hits theaters! (Hopefully it will get a wide release.) The official site from Universal doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot on it as of this writing but is available HERE. However, once again Working Title Films to the rescue as they have some production videos and a small site for Catch a Fire HERE. The trailer for the film can be found HERE.
091106 Hott Fuzz

I loved Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s horror / comedy film Shaun of the Dead and they are coming back (along with some others who were involved with Shaun of the Dead.) Their new film is Hot Fuzz and it is a crime / comedy that is (like Shaun of the Dead) directed by Wright, Starring Pegg, and co-written by the both of them. I’m hoping this one will be a great film just like Shaun of the Dead was. Working Title Films has a site with video blogs for Hot Fuzz that can be found HERE. The IMDb page for Hot Fuzz Can be found HERE.

090706 Macbeth in Australia
  Here comes yet another take on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. This one looks promising; sort of an Australian Scarface meets Macbeth. The film stars Sam Worthington and appears to tell Shakespeare’s story but set in the gangs of Australia. The director is Geoffrey Wright who is probably best known for the film Romper Stomper. While there aren’t many reviews yet and the film has no scheduled release date in the States I am still looking forward to this one. The trailer is up online (Warning: it has violence and nudity) and is available HERE. The official website can be found HERE. The IMDb page can be found HERE.

090606 Site update: added a movie review.
I give you the long overdue review... hey... that sounds good.. I give you the long overdue review of The Night Listener. Check it out HERE.
090606 A horror flic' to watch for: Bug

Exorcist director William Friedkin has a new film coming out called Bug. Friedkin has directed some of my favorite films like French Connection and To Live and Die in L.A. and I even liked his most recent film The Hunted. Now, here is Bug, a very disturbing looking horror film about two people who hole up in a hotel and believe there are bugs crawling under their skin. Ashley Judd, Michael Shannon, and Harry Connick Jr. star and the film is actually (I think) based on a play written by Tracy Letts who also wrote the screenplay for the film. The poster (pictured to the left) is not so impressive but the trailer looks pretty darn spiffy. Shannon is an underrated character actor that pops up in a lot of films (Tigerland, Bad Boys II, Criminal, etc.) I think Judd is quite the actress despite the fact that I often don’t seem to care for her films.... The trailer is available HERE. The Official website for Bug can be seen HERE. The Internet Movie Database page for bug is HERE.

090206 Feast trailer on the web!

The film from Season 3 of Project Greenlight is finally getting released. Now the trailer has hit the web. Go HERE to see it via Youtube.com. The movie follows a group of strangers stuck in a bar and under attack from a monster. Not exactly original but it looks like it could be some low budget horror fun. Plus it has got Clu Gulager and Henry Rollins in it. Gulager’s son John directed it and was one of the best things about the show Project Greenlight. The official Feast Myspace page can be found HERE. The Internet Movie Database Feast Page can be found HERE.

090106 Transformers.

So everyone else is talking about this, I might as well too. I have to thank my buddy Brian for this heads up. There was much made on the web of the leaked photos of Megatron, the infamous villain from The Transformers cartoon series. The photos of the new Megatron were disheartening to fans of the show to say the least. He looked like a cheesy monster with a bumhole mouth. (You can see some photos HERE.) Brian tells me that might not actually be what Megatron looks like throughout the whole movie and now there is a photo of protagonist Optimus Prime that looks pretty ‘kewl. I still don’t have the highest of hopes for this movie and can’t imagine Michael Bay making a winner of a film out of the franchise. When the teaser trailer rolled at a movie showing I attend the crowd reacted with laughter. Still, I would love him to prove me wrong. The photos of the new Prime can be seen HERE.

The Transformers official site can be seen HERE.
An interview with the voice of Prime, Transformers voice actor Peter Cullen, can be found at DVD Times HERE.

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