103106 Happy Halloween!
  What would be the perfect Halloween update for the site? What could I do in the theme of the holiday? Well, I could look to none other than the horror/ comedy series: Evil Dead. I don’t know how I missed posting about this sooner but somehow it just slipped past me. Right now in New York City, the best theater experience in the world is playing. Yes that is correct, I am speaking of none other than Evil Dead The Musical!! Alright so maybe it is not the best theater experience in the world. Hell, I don’t know if it is any good but the musical looks like a hoot! Guess who is making an appearance at the opening show tomorrow? Bruce
Campbell! The original Ash is not the only Evil Dead series celeb’ that will be making an appearance: SFX man Tom Sullivan will be there November 6th. Tickets for either appearance are probably mighty difficult to get a hold of at this point but you could still see the show. Evil Dead The Musical has an official site HERE and can also be found on MySpace HERE. There is a bevy of photos and a few behind the scenes videos to seen at the official site. Check it out and go see the show! Here’s hoping it’s a winner.
102706 Site Update, new review: Open Season,

Here is a review of the latest cute and cuddly CGI animal movie. Characters so cute that you will want to lose your lunch. Alright so maybe it is not that bad, or maybe it is, check out the review for Open Season HERE. Yes, Rush Limbaugh is still the devil.

102506 Rush Limbaugh is a F*** Head .

This one is self explanatory but I have a specific reason for today’s subject. Listening to Howard Stern yesterday morning, I was surprised to learn that Limbaugh accused Michael J Fox of faking his Parkinson’s related symptoms in a political TV ad. A sample bit of wisdom from Limbaugh: “This is really shameless, folks. This is really shameless of Michael J Fox. Either he didn’t take his medication or he’s acting, one of the two.” (Of course Stern's summed up response to Limbaugh is right to the point: what a f***ing retard.) More wisdom from Limbaugh: "It’s purely an act. This is the only time I have ever seen Michael J Fox portray any symptoms of the disease.” While Limbaugh may be a medical expert on oh, say OxyContin, I doubt he is very knowledgeable about Parkinson’s Disease. I saw the ad on YouTube last week and thought it was a moving, heartfelt, spot. Limbaugh later apologized saying he might have been wrong about Fox faking the symptoms but went on to say he was exploiting his illness. Riiiiiiiiiiiiggggght. Limbaugh was probably high when he made the accusations and could not


comprehend why someone with Parkinson’s Disease might want to show what the illness does to a person.

Fox may have gone off his medication as I believe he did before when he spoke to Congress. If a person has the disease and there is an opportunity to find a cure wouldn’t they want to support a politician who will help? Since Fox is supporting a Democrat and Limbaugh is a bit** for the Republican party it only makes sense that Fox would be faking. If Fox were supporting a Republican Limbaugh would call him a hero and offer to go down on him at a rest stop.

I usually don’t post politically themed articles (despite the title of the site) but I just couldn’t help myself with this one. Yes it is true: Rush Limbaugh is a f*** head. Yes it is also true that he is probably the devil. In the words of

  Howard Stern, sarcastically expressing something else Limbaugh surely believes: “That Christopher Reeve guy was another faker.” Actually the quote turns out to be not that far from the truth. Jumping to Limbaugh’s site reveals that surprise, surprise, Limbaugh lumps Fox in with Christopher Reeve. Limbaugh’s official site is HERE. Michael J Fox’s official site can be found HERE. The ad for Missouri Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill that started all this can be seen on YouTube HERE. Thanks to Howard Stern for talking about the Limbaugh's babbling. Stern's site can be seen HERE. An ABC News article about Fox and the ad is HERE. For what it is worth I'm not the only one to pick on this, the always entertaining The Superficial has a post about Limbaugh that can be seen HERE.
102106 Movie Preview: Casablanca 'er, I mean: The Good German.
So, it looks like director/ cinematographer Steven Soderbergh and the rest of the crew behind The Good German like Casablanca and why not? It is a great film! Still, I am not so sure that making a poster that emulates Casablanca’s and a trailer that seems to imply many similarities to the classic film are the best ways to market The Good German. For all I know it was a decision by the marketing department at Warner Brothers and not that of Soderbergh and co’. Not only that but the tagline is... ahem... “If war is hell, what comes after?”  Riiiiiiiiigggght.

Ok, so it is a silly tagline and the marketing tries to play The Good German off Casablanca but you know what? The trailer looks good. I actually have been looking forward to this for awhile and the film does have a pretty good line up; George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Beau Bridges and Tobey Maguire headline the cast. Clooney is a underrated leading man and a very good filmmaker in his own right. I like several of Soderbergh’s films and really enjoyed one of the films that Soderbergh/ Clooney made together: Out of Sight.
The Good German is scheduled to go into wide release on Decemeber 25th. Like I say, I’m looking forward to The Good German. As long as it keeps the tension high, this should be an engaging thriller.

The official site can be found HERE. The trailer for The Good German can be found HERE.
101606 Computer woes and a brief DVD update.

I’ve had computer difficulties that have prevented me from updating the site. They are mostly taken care of now but I am still running behind. In the mean time I have a quick DVD update that I am so psyched about! The impossible has happened, Lorne Michaels and the powers that be are releasing the first season of Saturday Night Live on DVD!! I thought we wouldn’t be seeing complete season releases of SNL for a long, long, time. TVshowsonDVD.com (great site) pretty much confirms that this release will be uncut. (See their page HERE.) I cannot wait to get my dorky hands on this set!! SNL: Season 1 will be released on December 5th for $69.68. Bonus features seem limited to audition footage and a book. While this set may be expensive, I have to say it is worth it to get the first season uncut. (Plus it is not like HBO doesn’t charge a bundle for their season releases.) I have to credit the first site that I saw announcing the release, the always awesome DVD Times. Their page about the announcement can be found HERE. To be fair one of the first sites, (if not the first) to announce the release was The Digital Bits and their page can be seen HERE.

101006 Movie Preview: 300... quick update.

Before, when I posted the blurb about 300 the quality of trailer I linked to was not very good. Well, a much better but slightly altered one has been released. It can be found HERE. (The original trailer I linked to has since been taken down.) There is also a 300 MySpace page that can be found HERE. The official 300 site can still be found HERE.

100906 Movie Preview: Flags of our Fathers AND Letters from Iwo Jima

Chances are you have probably caught some of the adds for the film Flags of our Fathers running on television. The Clint Eastwood helmed World War II film supposedly follows the Battle of Iwo Jima through the eyes of the six soldiers who raised the American flag for the infamous photo from the battle (see the poster to the left.) Eastwood is an underrated director and I almost always like his films (in fact at this moment I am struggling to think of one  of his movies I don’t like.) What you might not know is this film is one part of a two part series looking at the battles in Iwo Jima. The second part is scheduled to be released next year and is called Letters from Iwo Jima. The film is supposed to be told from the perspective of a group of Japanese soldiers. I’m looking forward to both these flics'; Flags of our Fathers will be released on October 20th and Letters from Iwo Jima will be released on February 9th of next year. Their is no official site for the second film but Flags of our Fathers has one and it can be found HERE. The trailer for Flags of our Fathers can be found HERE. There is an international trailer for both films that can be found HERE.

100506 Site News:
Added a review of The Devil Wears Prada, it can be found HERE.
100406 Movie Preview: Zwartboek (AKA: Black Book.)
  What ever happened to Paul Verhoeven? How did he end up making Hollow Man? Who would have thought it would make me long for Basic Instinct? I give you Black Book, a WW II drama that Verhoeven made and has shown at film festivals but has yet to gain a
release in the States. The film follows a Dutch Jewish singer named Rachel Steinn who narrowly escapes a massacre while fleeing the Nazis. She joins a resistance movement, changes her name, and enters occupied territory to fight back. I can’t speak to the quality of the movie but the trailer looks good and the film has a positive buzz. Here's hoping it actually gets  
distribution in the US. The trailer is not in English and has some violence / nudity but it can be seen HERE. The official site is HERE. The IMDb site is HERE.
100306 Movie Preview: The Good Shepard

While it may not have quite as exceptional a cast as Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, Robert De Niro’s upcoming film The Good Shepard has a pretty darn good line up. De Niro himself appears in the film along with Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Chazz Palminteri, Michael Gambon, William Hurt, and Joe Pesci. Pesci has not been in a movie for ever (8 years!) Figures that De Niro would be able to bring him back to the screen. The Good Shepard is a thriller/ drama that looks at the birth of the CIA through the eyes of Edward Wilson (Damon.) The official site can be found HERE. The IMDb page is HERE. The trailer for the The Good Shepard looks good and it can be seen HERE.

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