052707 May 26th, a day to remember.
  Congrats to my friends Matt and Mieko for their fun filled wedding yesterday!! I managed to not screw up my super short toast... Good times were had by all and I for one witnessed many a new dance move. Congratulations!!

052407 Bug arrives tomorrow....

Back in September, I wrote a quick blurb about William Friedkin’s ‘Bug’ which opens in theaters this Friday. The film has quite the buzz surrounding it and looks to be pretty darn good. Leave it to director known for a great horror film made oh 30 years ago or so to make one that easily looks to be the most entertaining fright flic’ for some time. Sure you can see five minutes from ‘Hostel II’ with the screening of ‘Bug’ but honestly, who really cares about that? I didn’t think the first ‘Hostel’ was all that great to begin with (although I will say it had some very good advertising). Speaking of which, like I said in September: is it just me or does the poster for ‘Bug’ look pretty weak? I mean maybe there was another way to advertise the film than that. Hell, just using the photo of my head injury would be better. Here’s hoping ‘Bug’ is a good film and I suppose ‘Hostel II’ also. Apologies to the ‘Hostel’ fans out there but it just didn’t do it for me. Except for a few scenes... and the poster art... and the teaser trailer... Say maybe I should watch that again or maybe not. The official ‘Bug’ site is HERE and ‘Hostel II’s is HERE.

052307 Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall....

My apologies for the lack of updates... A nasty fall I took is to blame. I took a tumble, split my head open (pictured left) and messed up my back. It is one of those injuries that is all the more annoying because it is not even a “cool” one that I could brag about. Despite my head initially looking worse, my back actually has been hurt much more (along with my pride). It was nice that I happened to fall directly on my bald spot so I didn’t have to shave my head. See? There is an upside to being attacked by male pattern baldness! So the ‘ol updates may be slow in coming for the time being but I will be doing what I can.

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