073107 Does it get any cooler than Christopher Walken cooking? I think not. -Nate
082007 A brief update: While very cool the above Christopher Walken video also plays automatically every time you load this page. The result is I was getting some complaints.. from the girlfriend.. and like the saying goes: “if mama’ aint happy, aint nobody happy” so from now on simply click the above image and the ‘kewl cooking vid’ will open in a new window. -Nate


072107 Happy Fourth of July! I'm an idiot and left the old title in, this should have read "New Review"

My bad about the lack of updates. I’m back with the hard to find 70s exploitation film ‘Bonnie’s Kids’. While I can’t exactly recommend the film, I did have a fun time watching it. Check out the review HERE.


070407 Happy Fourth of July!

In thinking of an appropriate Fourth of July post I was coming up with only lame ideas so I decided to post about an upcoming film on my mind: The new ‘Indiana Jones’ flic’! This is actually a long overdue post and has certainly been on the web for awhile but what the heck, I give you the first shot on the web of Harrison Ford in costume as Jones. Even after all these years he still looks the part. I hope the fourth ‘Indiana Jones’ film is a good one and am still bumming that Sean Connery will not be returning. First no autobiography and now no return to the role of the senior Jones. Bummer. So there it is, I am celebrating the Fourth of July with a pic from the set of the fourth ‘Indiana Jones’ film! It’s a weak connection but somehow it just plain fits Real Political Face Talk. (You can click the photo to the left to go to the spiffy official site for the ‘Indian Jones’ series.)


070107 Here come da' Russians!
  On PS3:

On Xbox360:

They don’t really have anything to do with one another but since both feature the Russian Mafia I thought it would be a good opportunity to post about the game ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ and the David Cronenberg film ‘Eastern Promises’. The latest installment in the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series of videogames looks to be quite visually impressive. I can only hope that Rockstar Games improved the shooting/ fight mechanics of the games as that is the one element that is really lagging behind in the series. Hopefully with high powered hardware of the latest video game systems there will be more room for better enemy AI. For what it is worth, even if Rockstar kept the old mechanics the game would no doubt still be enjoyable, just not the improvement that I am hoping for. While the official site has some screenshots and a couple of trailers it does not give much in the way of plot. I had to go to a fan site ( to get this: “Grand Theft Auto IV follows the story of Niko Bellic, an immigrant from Eastern Europe who was convinced by his cousin, Roman, that he should begin a new life in Liberty City in order to live the "American Dream." But Niko has been lied to, and instead things turn out to be a lot different.”

  This one looks to be pretty darn cool at any rate and will be available on the PS3 and Xbox360. The official site (with trailers) is HERE. The fan site is HERE and the site dedicated to the whole series can be found HERE.

‘Eastern Promises’ is Cronenberg’s follow up to ‘A History of Violence’. This film like ‘A History of Violence’ stars Viggo Mortensen and looks to be a pretty strong crime drama. I enjoyed ‘A History of Violence’ but I thought it was a bit uneven (such as the violence would seem sometimes gritty and then other times over the top (like when Mortensen would fight like Jason Bourne). In ‘Eastern Promises’ Mortensen is joined by a strong cast, including: Naomi Watts, Vincent Cassel and Armin Mueller-Stahl. The plot revolves around criminal Nikolai (Mortensen) who crosses paths with a midwife (Watts) who may have uncovered evidence against Nikolai’s crime family. The trailer can be seen via Yahoo! Movies HERE.


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