083107 It's Friday!! (Well almost, I posted this a smidge early.) Here is a short promo for 'Instant Talk Show' which I babbled about earlier. The promo is called 'Instant Message' and I say Check it out: (and the show for that matter)


083007 This Friday, ‘Halloween’ and ‘Death Sentence’.

. . . . . . I’ve babbled about the ‘Halloween’ remake before (back in April) but never got around to posting about ‘Death Sentence’. The third film from director James Wan, the trailer makes the movie look something like a modern day ‘Death Wish’.Not too surprising since ‘Death Sentence’ is based on a novel by Brian Garfield, the same author that wrote ‘Death Wish’. While this looks like the type of film that could go either way, there is just something about it... Makes me think it could be quite the gritty crime drama. I have only seen Wan’s first film ‘Saw’ (my review is HERE) which I enjoyed almost more for how it came to be than the entertainment value of the film itself. ‘Death Sentence’ stars Kevin Bacon and John Goodman (amongst others) and could be an interesting alternative to ‘Halloween’. (Although I’m betting ‘Halloween’ will probably be the box office victor.) Anyway, if I can manage I’m going to see both flics over the weekend. Anyway, two grisly films that I’m looking forward too are opening this Friday. The official website for ‘Death Sentence’ can be found HERE and the trailer (right click, save link as) HERE. The official ‘Halloween’ site is HERE and the trailer (right click, save link as) HERE. -Nate


082907 The internet, bringing out the dork in me and leading to 'Instant Talk Show'

. . . . . . . How great is the internet? Where else can you find tons of useless stuff? Nowhere else, I say! So, the other night I am surfing on the web and stumble upon an interview with writer Harlan Ellison. This reminds me of an interview I saw with him on a show called the ‘Anti-Gravity Room’.

Actually, now that I think about it, I’m not sure if he was on that show or another show that aired after it (or was it before it?) called ‘Sci-Fi Buzz’. (Note: it was definitely on ‘Sci-Fi Buzz’). . . . . . . . . . . . There was a period of time when the Sci-Fi Channel was a dorks paradise on the weekends. Between the comics, movies, and games oriented ‘Anti-Gravity Room’ and the science fiction news fest ‘Sci-Fi Buzz’, I would get all my dorky news and interviews. I remember seeing interviews with people like Keven Smith, John Carpenter, Stan Lee,

Daniel Clowes (and Ellison) and loving it. Top off the dorky news with an episode of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ and my weekend was pretty much set. This was all in the 90s and of course Sci-Fi Channel would go through some management changes and all those shows would go bye-bye.

. . . . . . . Since then I have kept up with the good ‘ol MST3K but I lost track of the other shows. Actually, ‘Sci-Fi Buzz’ could be kind of hit or miss but ‘Anti-Gravity Room’ had a lot of great stuff that you didn’t often see anywhere else. Sure it tried too hard to be hip sometimes and occasionally played like a rejected MTV show but still memories of the show stuck

with me. One of the things that made it memorable to me in particular was that one of the co-creators: Nick Scoullar was born in 1980 and was only a year younger than myself. Watching a show that seemed like it was made by and for someone like me was something unusual on the cable channels I could see back then.

. . . . . . . This long dorky rant brings me back to ‘how great is the internet?’. So as I said above, I see the Ellison interview and then I start searching around on the internet for stuff on the
‘Anti-Gravity Room’. I find some stuff about it, I find some blurbs and such and then I find that Mr. Scoullar has new show on the internet. Woo hoo! While it couldn’t be more different from the ‘Anti-Gravity Room’ (and for all I know the guy hates that show now) it is a fun show to check out. The new show is called ‘Instant Talk Show’
and it involves Scoullar setting up a folding table and two accompanying chairs and interviewing people (both celebrities and non) on street corners, sidewalks and pretty much wherever he finds them.

. . . . . . . Actually it does have ‘Anti-Gravity Room’s energy and fun, plus some similar subject matter. Scoullar has a talent for interviews and for keeping things interesting. ‘Instant Talk Show’ is a pretty ‘kewl feature and worth checking out. That Scoullar guy is talented, it is not anybody that can book their interviews with a couple of folding chairs. Will it be the new ‘Anti-Gravity Room’? Well probably not but that’s a good thing, ‘Anti-Gravity Room’ would be pretty dated today. Will I become addicted to ‘Instant Talk Show’? Only time will tell. Thanks for talking this little journey down dork memory lane brought forth by the web. Good stuff. Mike Jerrick was the host of ‘Sci-Fi Buzz’ and he did a good job with what I imagine was a pretty thankless role. He is now the host of a Fox, morning talk show called 'The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet', that is

located HERE. MST3K may be gone but the information club 'Satellite News' lives on HERE and Mike Nelson writer and host of the show is now doing commentary tracks available for download at 'Riff Trax'. His homepage is HERE and the 'RiffTrax' page is HERE. Check out Scoullar’s entertaining ‘Instant Talk Show’ HERE. -Nate


082507 Trailer for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.
I don’t know what my issue is but the early teaser for ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’ didn’t really do much for me. However, the new trailer that I just watched made me really want to see this film. The imagery somehow reminded me of Altman’s ‘McCabe & Mrs. Miller’. With a strong sounding cast including: Brad Pitt (as Jesse James), Casey Affleck (as Robert Ford), Mary-Louise Parker, Zooey Deschanel, Sam Rockwell, Ted Levine and Sam Shepard the film should have some strong performances. ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’ is written and directed by
Andrew Dominik, a filmmaker that I am not too familiar with. The only previous film I could under his credits is the Australian crime / drama bio-pic’ ‘Chopper’ which I haven’t seen in many years but I remember being ok. Actually, the strongest memory that I have of the film is that it has a great performance by Eric Bana. Anywho’, I now can’t wait to check out ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’ but I’ll have to wait awhile, it is scheduled for only a limited release in
September, with now wide release that I could find. For now, made do with the trailer, links via the great movie trailer site Movie-List. See the trailer (right click, save link as) in 480p HERE, in 720p HERE, and 1080p HERE.


082007 Harold & Kumar 2 teaser! Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!!!!
So my bad about the lack of updates. As a peace offering I give you the teaser for ‘Harold & Kumar 2’ which looks friggin’ hilarious! I loved the first ‘Harold & Kumar’ and am really hoping the sequel will be a winner too! Fortunately it already looks good and even though they tool on ‘Eurotrip’ (which I actually like.. for real.. maybe I need therapy) I laughed at this micro teaser. -Nate


080207 New Review!

Let me ask you something.... Do you live free or do you suck hard? Uh, I mean die hard, do you die hard. You don't suck, you're cool, that is why you are on Real Political Face Talk. com reading silly updates. Anyway, do you live free or die hard? Do you? No? Well you should, simply go and see 'Live Free or Die Hard' for some action fun. I was wrong, I thought it would be a waste but this is a fun flic', worth checking out. Sure there will probably be an Unrated or R- rated DVD release that will be better but this is still a fun film. See my review HERE.



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