122507 It is that time of the month...
. . . . . . From me and mine to you and yours, from one Real Political Face Talk to another dumb radical space plate clock, may a fat man with a beard bring you all you want and may all your dreams come true (and not your nightmares,) have a Merry Christmas and some Happy Holidays to boot. -Nate


122307 My name is what?
. . . . . . ‘My Name is Bruce’. I must once again give kudos to the Bruce Campbell blog for posting about not only the ‘My Name is Bruce’ trailer but some early posters as well. The good news is Bruce looks to be in top form funny in the upcoming film. The bad news is the film doesn’t look all that strong and neither does the monster villain. On the other hand, David Walker at DVDTalk more or less says that the film is enjoyable for Campbell fans in his review HERE. I hope that he is right and maybe the trailer is misleading. I’m still looking forward
to this film and truth be told will probably buy it no matter what but I wish the film looked like it had a bit more, I don’t know, “oomph” to it. Still beggars can’t be choosers and the fact that this is a pretty good looking film that stars Bruce Campbell makes this one a no brainer. Maybe it is all just the marketing because the teaser posters don’t look all that hot either. Then again what do I know? Anyway, I still can’t wait to see ‘My Name is Bruce’. The Bruce Campbell blog can be found HERE. Check the trailer HERE and the posters and a downloadable trailer HERE. -Nate


121907 Why so serious?
. . . . . . Ok, here’s another update for ‘The Dark Knight’, happening a lot sooner than I thought it would. The new trailer has been released and let me tell you it kicks booty! Alright so that doesn’t really convey what I mean. Everything I see from this film just looks better and better. As I said in the last update, Heath Ledger seems like the man as the Joker. If the trailer is any indication, I would say Christopher Nolan and company have another winner on their hands. I can’t wait to see this one and even if it disappoints, it looks like it will have some great sequences. I also should mention the spiffy’ new posters that you see here as well. Props to the great (Internet Movie Poster
Awards) for putting them up on the web. Anyway, you can see (and download) the new trailer for ‘The Dark Kight’ HERE. -Nate


121507 'The Dark Knight'.
. . . . . . Is it just me or does the ‘Batman Begins’ sequel look really friggin’ cool? I don’t remember being that psyched for ‘Batman Begins’ but I am just itching to see ‘The Dark Knight’. The Joker, Two Face and Batman mixing it up just seems like it is going to be one fun ride. Plus, I dig the way Heath Ledger looks as The Joker. Christopher Nolan has certainly done a great job of helming the restart of the franchise and I’m looking forward to his sequel. While there is only a teaser trailer available currently, there are some cool pics’ from the film scattered about the web, including these here teaser posters. Check the teaser trailer HERE. -Nate


121407 'Righteous Kill'..... righteous crap?

. . . . . . Ok, this one sort of pains me to write about. Here’s the headline: Pacino! DeNiro! Together again, onscreen in a crime drama, this time working together! Flashes, of Michael Mann’s exceptional film, ‘Heat’ come to mind. So it won’t be another ‘Heat’ but maybe it will be a gritty, intense crime drama. The script is by Russell Gewirtz who wrote the enjoyable ‘Inside Man’. Something doesn’t seem right though. Maybe it is the director, Jon Avnet. His body of work does not exactly make one think that he would be the ideal filmmaker to helm ‘Righteous Kill’ but there is a glimmer of hope: Avnet helmed the underrated and often intense ‘Uprising’. I would not have guessed that the film would work as well as it does and not only that but Avnet is also one of the talents behind the TV show ‘Boomtown’ which was sort of a TV show version of the movie ‘Crash’ that predated the film. So maybe Avnet will be the man for ‘Righteous Kill’ but then there is the matter of  the Avnet/ Pacino film ‘88 Minutes’. If ’88 Minutes’ was 60 minutes long and an episode of a TV series it would probably be an OK episode but as a feature film it is very weak. So, Avnet helmed one of Pacino’s weakest features and then he replaces James Foley to direct ‘Righteous Kill’. Something about that just screams “danger”. Now here comes the trailer for ‘Righteous Kill’ and it would seem to only make the outlook even more dismal. Sure the film boasts Pacino, DeNiro, Carla Gugino,

John Leguizamo and 50 Cent amongst others but the trailer looks downright weak. Pacino and DeNiro are two of my favorite actors and like I said I’m a big fan of Avnet’s ‘Uprising’ so let’s hope I’m wrong and the trailer for ‘Righteous Kill’ is just crummy. Hell, better to have a bad trailer than a bad film. Plus this trailer was released while the film was still in production so I can at least take comfort that it is a work in progress. Here is hoping ‘Righteous Kill’ is not righteous crap and ’88 Minutes’ will just be a pothole in Pacino’s career. See the ‘Righteous Kill’ trailer HERE. -Nate


121307 Another review.

. . . . . . Here is a review of a great out of print Film Noir/ crime drama: 'Armored Car Robbery'. Check my review HERE.


121207 New review.

. . . . . . Here is a review of a great film you have probably not seen: 'Rolling Thunder'. For some silly reason this film is still not available on DVD. Check my review HERE. -Nate


121107 'There Will Be Blood'.
. . . . . . I have, for as long as I can remember and even before I realized it, loved the moving image. What reinvigorates my love of film and similar mediums is seeing a feature that bowls me over, that grabs me and doesn’t let go. I can think of few filmmakers working today that have made as consistently strong films as Paul Thomas Anderson. I have enjoyed every film he has made and ‘Boogie Nights’ and ‘Magnolia’ are two of my favorites. Now
comes his latest film, a feature I have been reading about for awhile now: ‘There Will Be Blood’. I finally got to see the trailer and it gave me chills. Here’s hoping the film will be as strong as it looks to be. I often think of films I would love to make and ideas I have of features that will probably never get made. When I see one of Anderson’s films I frequently feel a certain jealousy at the guy’s skill and creative talent. I have no way of knowing if I will enjoy ‘There Will Be Blood’ but based on the cast and crew and the trailer, I am just itching to see it. Sorry for all the pretentious rambling. The trailer can be seen HERE. The official site (also with trailer) is HERE. -Nate


121007 New review.

. . . . . . Primarily due to me being constantly sick and in and out of the hospital it has taken me forever to complete my review of ‘American Gangster’. The film is enjoyable and maybe a bit too long. Check out the review HERE. -Nate





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