032508 Because they couldn't make a new 'Matrix' movie, they made 'Wanted'.
. . . . . .Is it just me or does this film look like a silly rip off of ‘The Matrix’? Don’t the filmmakers realize there were already silly rip offs of ‘The Matrix’ called ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ and ‘The Matrix Revolutions’? Don’t get me wrong, I love parts of ‘The Matrix’ sequels and I would love for ‘Wanted’ to kick major entertainment butt. The trailer just looks godmaned goofy to me. Then again who knows, it does have Angelina Jolie, looking angry with guns and tattoos. Also noteworthy is that this is based on a comic by Mark Millar (who a good friend of mine tells me is quite a good writer.) Millar has said he is very happy with
what he has seen of the film and alluded to the trailer not being the best representation of it. So maybe it is a bad trailer or maybe I’m just soft in the head. 'Wanted' opens the end of this week. See a trailer HERE.
. . . . . .Of course I kid and I am really envious of the Wachowski brothers talents. I was a huge fan of their first feature ‘Bound’. I remember following articles about the production of ‘The Matrix’ when I was in college. I was psyched to see what the creators of ‘Bound’ would do for a follow up. Now their first feature at the helm of a film since finishing ‘The Matrix’ is arriving and for me it falls in the “what the hell?” category. They have made a live action film based on the Japanese ‘Speed Racer’ cartoon. I have to admit, while it doesn’t necessarily look like my type of thing, if I was a kid, I would love it. I don’t know if the film will be any good or not but based on the strength of the Wachowski’s past works I’ll say this looks like it could be promising. See the trailer HERE.


032408 Wake up to a review of the DVD of 'Story of a Junkie'.
. . . . . .How do you start your week? How do you get yourself in gear? Why with my review of ‘Story of a Junkie’ of course! I mean what better way than to observe the disturbing rituals of heroine addicts? This pseudo documentary was surprisingly gripping and I have to admit I enjoyed it for what it was. See the review of ‘Story of a Junkie' HERE. -Nate


032108 A review of Paul Thomas Anderson's 'There Will Be Blood'.
. . . . . .Does anyone else think it is strange that there are two filmmakers named Paul Anderson? Stranger still that one (Paul Thomas Anderson) has never made a bad film and the other (Paul Anderson) struggle to make one good one? Even more strangier’ is that Paul Anderson is probably more box office successful than Paul Thomas Anderson. I don’t get it. I mean no disrespect but it is just weird. Anyway, my review of ‘There Will Be Blood can be seen HERE. -Nate


032008 In the “hmmm” category: ‘Street Kings’.
. . . . . .I’m not sure what to make of the upcoming film ‘Street Kings’. I’m a whore for crime dramas and ‘Street Kings’ looks to fit the bill but something, I don’t know, doesn’t quite do it for me. There are promising signs, however, James Ellroy is listed as one of the scriptwriters and David Ayer seems like he has a great crime drama in him. Maybe this will be the one. Still, something about this preview makes me think of another Ellroy adaptation: ‘Dark Blue’. Despite that film sporting a great and underrated performance from Kurt Russell it is still not all that successful in my opinion. I almost think I want to like it for his performance more than I actually enjoy the film. So what of ‘Street Kings’? Well, I certainly hope it is the stuff. I must say it doesn't look good that poster is a sort of generic-looking, kaleidoscopic, type poster. Check out the trailer HERE. -Nate


031808 A review of Into the Wild.
. . . . . .Sean Penn writes and directs a touching film with a not so sympathetic main character. Penn deserves much credit for making a beautiful looking film with several spot on performances. I feel that more and more actor William Hurt is a great underused talent. He can be seen in ‘A History of Violence, ‘Mr. Brooks’ (reviewed HERE,) and this film, amongst others. Check out my review HERE. -Nate


031708 One of the biggest robberies in the world.
. . . . . . I don’t normally post about stuff like this but I am a sucker for crime/ dramas and here is one mother honkin’ high profile crime. What am I talking about? Why none other than master thief Heather Mills McCartney. She just walked away from a score with 48.7 million (in 24.3 million pounds.) Not only is it an impressive catch but she got away with it clean. All I can say is poor Paul McCartney but if it means not having to put up with her craziness anymore than more power to him. Read about it HERE. Oh, and happy St. Patrick's Day! -Nate











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