..042809 Thank you Cartoon Brew!
. . . . . .Sometimes I forget how much great stuff 'Cartoon Brew' has lead me to. Below are two examples of animated shorts that I am not sure I would have found out about were it not for 'Cartoon Brew'. The first is a funny bit of animation made by the husband and wife team of Cassidy Curtis and Raquel Coelho. The short is called 'How to Make a Baby' (and on the off chance that you worry about such things, the video is completely safe for work.) You can see it via Youtube (to the righ) and 'Cartoon Brew' also mentioned that you can read about how the short was made HERE.
. . . . . .The second is a music video that 'Cartoon Brew' lead me to looks like it was made using computer animation but was apparently made using some very clever camera techniques. The song is called 'We Got Time' by Moray McLaren and the music video is
probably one of the more clever uses of turntables in a long time. Once again, via the Youtube you can see the music video (to the left.) Animator David Wilson made it and also put up a video showing how the 'We Got Time' music video was put together. You can see the making of video at Youtube HERE. I get the concept behind the video's construction but I'm not sure I totally understand how Wilson was able to synch everything in the music video. Anyway, if you are interested in all things animated, give 'Cartoon Brew' a try. I've been hooked on it for awhile now and always find out about cool features like 'How to Make a Baby' and 'We Got time' Thanks 'Brew! Check it out HERE. -Nate


042309 Chuck Lorre is my hero.
. . . . . .Although I watched many shows that Chuck Lorre has been involved in over the years, 'Big Bang Theory' is the first Lorre show that I have watched religiously. I noticed Lorre's so called “vanity cards” that flash at the end of each episode. It turns out he has been putting the cards up at the end of his shows for some time and they are archived at Lorre's site HERE. The cards are different anecdotes from Lorre and are on almost any topic. Searching for the vanity cards sent me to Lorre's site where I found his very entertaining write up: 'How to Create a Hit Sitcom'. It made me laugh out loud and I hope Lorre takes the time to write a book about his experiences in the world of television. In the meantime I will have to make do with with his site, 'Big Bang Theory', and 'How to Create a Hit Sitcom', (which can be seen HERE.) -Nate











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