..051709 Happy birthday to Dennis Hopper!
. . . . . .I have been slacking on the updates but I had to at least mention the first fiend of cinema. I've been on a bit of a Dennis Hopper kick as of late so it seems the least I could do was mention the guy's birthday. The picture to the left is from the 70's documentary about Hopper and his film 'The Last Movie'. The documentary is called 'American Dreamer' and I have to admit I have watched it way to often (especially recently.) Happy birthday and may you have many more sir! -Nate


..051109 Little free time and a new project has meant few updates....
. . . . . .I have been obsessed with filmmaker Sam Peckinpah and his films for quite a long time. Oddly, I only recently put up my first review of one of his films. For some reason I often have trouble writing about the films and filmmakers I love the most. Somewhere along the way I started kicking around the idea of making a discussion forum for fans of Peckinpah and his work. I finally got my act together and made a forum. It is not quite done yet but should be all set before the end of the month. I called the forum 'Earned in Blood' which was my clunky way of referencing the high cost of living that the characters in Peckinpah's films often endure. To check out the site (and eventually join the group) go to or click the banner above. -Nate




















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