Real Political Face Talk is looking for stuff, mostly bootlegs of various rare oddities. If you can help please email: rpftwebmaster (@) hotmail (.) com. In no particular order the stuff Real Political Face Talk is looking for currently:

The complete seasons of Saturday Night Live for the first 5 years
The first 5 years are particularly noteworthy because of the stars they created and impact they had. There are some episodes that aren’t as good as others and there is a lot of humor that is dated but it does not matter. Real Political Face Talk needs all five seasons...
101606 This is sort of taken care of as the first season will be released on December 5th. Here’s hoping the next 4 seasons will follow!

Work print and/ or directors cut bootleg of the film Payback
The Mel Gibson flic’ may not be the best in the world but I dig what it could have been and want to see director Brian Helgeland’s cut of the film. The movie was recut and had large portions reshot and changed after Helgeland wouldn’t change what Gibson wanted. (For instance, the shot from the cover and poster is from the original shootout that came towards the end of the film.) There should be a director’s cut on DVD but it hasn’t happened and until it does Real Political Face Talk is looking to get and review the work print bootleg. For info on the changes made to Payback go HERE.
122306 Per the page HERE, the DVD release of the director's cut is set for April 2007. If all goes well this one is taken care of!!!

Work print and/ or directors cut of Hard Target
Look, I realize it is a silly movie but what can I say? I’m a John Woo fan. There is a version of the this flic’ that had been around that had more violence and less kicking. Go figure. Not sure why the film has never been released in a director’s cut but until then I’m trying to get the bootleg of Hard Target. For info on the changes go
HERE. 083007 Got my hands on it.

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