103107 Happy Halloween!

. . . . . . Here’s a Halloweeny’ sort of update for you... Behold Benicio Del Toro making like a wolf man at makeup effects artist Rick Baker. I believe this came originally from Aint it Cool News (although I couldn’t find the story on their site) and it was taken during a pre-production meeting for the remake of ‘Wolf Man’. Mark Romanek is directing a script by Andrew Kevin Walker and I have to say the combination of Romanek, Del Toro and Walker makes me anxious for this remake. Del Toro is still one of my favorite actors and I like Romanek’s first feature ‘One Hour Photo’.  I have to admit I saw the original ‘Wolf Man’ only recently and quickly became a fan. Somehow as a kid, that was one of the monster movies that I don’t recall seeing. I’ll be curious to see what the new one will look like. Check it out on IMDb HERE. Anywhew', that is all for now, Happy Halloween all around!.


102607 Late in the day update with a review of 'Transformers'.

. . . . . . Heaven help me, I enjoyed the 'Transformers' movie. Michael Bay threw enough robotic carnage around to keep me entertained through the bits I didn't enjoy so much. Check out my review HERE. -Nate


102507 A ‘kewl place for the Bruce Campbell fan in you.

. . . . . . So what is a dorky Bruce Campbell fan like me to do? Oh sure the ‘Evil Dead 2’ star has an official website (HERE) but in recent times it has slimmed done a bit and the updates don’t come very often. So how am I to keep up on my Bruce Campbell news? Why via the Bruce Campbell blog called ‘Bruce Campbell News Central’! This is a great little blog that is very good about posting all the latest Campbell stuff that is out there. Part of the reason I keep checking up on the man is the disappearance of his film ‘My Name is Bruce’ which may or may not be coming out on DVD this fall. In the film, Campbell plays a parody of himself, who gets hit up for help when a town comes under attack by monsters. The film sounds like it could be a real winner but some of the reviews have been on the “ok” side of things. One of my favorite DVD review sites ‘DVDTalk’ has a review from a screening HERE. Check out Campbell’s official site HERE and ‘Bruce Campbell News Central’ HERE. .-Nate


102407 Two reviews of two very different movies.....

. . . . . . First up is a BBC documentary that should get wider release!!! It is none other than Jonathan Ross’s ‘In Search of Steve Ditko’; a look at an unsung legend of the comic book world, so reclusive that he has never been interviewed on camera. It is great fun and totally fascinating (and yes dorky too). Watchable’ only on the BBC (or if you can have a friend record it for you,) I am hoping it will eventually get a special edition DVD release.

. . . . . . Next is my review of the Ben Affleck

directed crime drama ‘Gone Baby Gone’. I wasn’t as on fire about the flic’ as many of the critics are but I did enjoy the film overall. It is slow and grim but if you are a crime drama fan you might want to give it a try. Check out my review of ‘In Search of Steve Ditko’ HERE and my review of ‘Gone Baby Gone’ HERE. .-Nate


101907 Dropping the military theme for a new review.

. . . . . . Back in August when I was getting very sick, I made it out to the movies to see ‘Halloween’ and ‘Death Sentence’. I managed to get the review for ‘Halloween’ done but was never able to get ‘Death Sentence’ completed until now. Exciting. Think of it as my way of celebrating actor John Goodman’s departure from rehab (he has a supporting role in the film). Speaking of Goodman, is it just me or is he not in enough movies? I think the last movies that I saw in the theater with him in them were by the Coen brothers (‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ come to mind). Anyway, check out a blurb about Goodman leaving rehab HERE and my review of ‘Death SentenceHERE.-Nate


101807 To continue the military theme....

. . . . . . This is a weak link but since I posted about the movie ‘John Rambo’ yesterday, I thought I would follow up with a post about the videogame ‘Call of Duty 4’. While they may not appear to have anything to do with one another and actually don’t have anything to do with one another they both involve guys and guns so there’s the link. Back in December of last year (see the post HERE) I was whining my dorky heart out about the World War 2 shooter videogame ‘Call of Duty 3’ not being released on the PC (the platform that the series originated on). Just to show how bizarre distribution deals are, the third game in the series was not released on the PC but the forth one is going to be and now the single player demo is available. This game represents something of a departure for the series as it leaves the World War 2 setting in exchange for modern day warfare. While the demo may not offer anything revolutionary in the world of first person shooters it does show that ‘Call of Duty 4’ should be one friggin’ addicting game! I’ve played through the demo a bunch of times already and can’t wait to get my dorky hands on the game when it comes out next month! The game runs smooth even with the impressive graphics and I can only hope that there is WW2 mod for the game after it comes out. Way to go ‘Infinity Ward’ for making what would seem to be an impressive and very, very addicting game! The demo can be downloaded from Yahoo! Games HERE. -Nate



101707 A return with 'Rambo'....

. . . . . . What better way can there be to symbolize my return from illness than a post about the return of ‘Rambo’? That’s right, he’s back. Truth be told I was never a big fan of the ‘Rambo’ series but since Sylvester Stallone seems to be determined to resurrect his second most famous role and more importantly an ultra-violent (and thereby quite funny) trailer has appeared on the web, I thought I might post about it. Consisting largely of Stallone killing several small men in the jungle (in very bloody ways) and being decidedly “R-rated” in nature I have to give the guy kudos for not wussing out and making a “PG-13” movie. Actually, I have to admit the over the top (to borrow from another Stallone film) trailer made me want to see the movie. Maybe it is a sign that I need therapy or maybe it just means that despite all odds ‘John Rambo’ might be worth seeing. Plus, it’s got Julie Benz it (the lady who plays Rita on ‘Dexter’). Hey, if nothing else, Stallone deserves a chance. Here’s hoping it will be if not a great movie than an entertaining one. The movie is scheduled to be released at the end of January. You can see the trailer HERE. -Nate


101107 Sick.

. . . . . . Yet again, my apologies for the lack of updates. 2007 has turned out to be quite the pain in the butt for me. I found myself enduring not one but two hospital stays after coming down with a nasty intestinal infection. Hopefully now, I am finally on the mend for good. -Nate

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