112807 Ugh.

. . . . . . So, I was back in the hospital again with an intestinal infection that no one seems to be able to tell me how I got. Now the doctors tell me that I will need surgery to remove part of my intestines. I just want to know when this is all going to end (other than when it kills me). Here’s hoping if the surgery does have to happen that it will finally do the trick and stop these infections and illnesses. 2007 has been one heck of a year for me, hospitals stays, lost money and injuries. I figure I am just getting rid of all the garbage now before the start of the new year. This long whiney post is my way of saying the updates might be on the slim side in the near future while everything is sorted out.. -Nate


110607 The weekend ends, Pats’ win, the week starts Strike is on, I post two reviews, news at 6.

. . . . . . I don’t usually post about sports but the New England Patriots win against the Indianapolis Colts was such a gut-wrencher’, I just have to mention it. This game illustrated why I can’t watch games that often because I got so stressed out I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Despite some questionable ref’ calls, the Patriots pulled off a win against a very good team. Quite the game, definitely one for the record books. Read about it HERE and about the noise factor at the Colt's stadium HERE.

. . . . . . Also something I don’t always post about but in the entertainment industry a Writers Guild strike began yesterday. I hope everything works out but I had read somewhere that the strike may actually help some TV shows with low-ish’ ratings such as a show I love: ‘K-Ville’. If the writers get what they want and it somehow saves ‘K-Ville’, I’ll be psyched. Looking over some of the photos of the protest, I saw writer/ actress Tina Fay there and couldn’t help but think she looked like she was filming an episode of her ’30 Rock’. Read about the strike HERE and a short interview with Fay HERE.

. . . . . . As far as updates for my site goes, I have two new reviews for her pleasure. The first is the Australian flic’ ‘Macbeth’. I really wanted to like this blending of a gangster flic’ and Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ but just couldn’t get into it (despite liking parts). I wrote about this back last year (HERE) and have finally reviewed it HERE. The second film is the excellent ‘The Last Detail’. I only saw this film for the first time recently and can’t say enough good things about it. Sony needs to get off their butts and release a special edition DVD of this film. In the mean time check out my review HERE. -Nate


110307 To go back to the Horror/ Halloween type theme, a review of 'The Tripper'.

. . . . . . Earlier this year, I fell, hit my head, and was out of commission. One of things I missed posting about was a goofy horror film called ‘The Tripper’ (it was released on 4/20... 420. Get it? Fitting, since the main characters are hippies. Anyway, I finally saw and reviewed the film HERE. -Nate


110207 MST3K - O - RAMA.

. . . . . . I’m a big ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’(‘MST3K’) fan. For those of you not in the know, ‘MST3K’ was a show where a host and couple of companions would watch movies and comment on them. While this will sound like a commentary track from a DVD now, when the show started Laserdiscs were by and large the only media available with commentary tracks and they had nowhere near the circulation that DVDs do today. The host (either Joel Hodgson (who created the show, pictured below) or Michael J. Nelson (who replaced Joel midway through the shows run) and two robots tooled on almost always cheesy movies. This may not sound like a recipe for success but trust me it worked. The show ran for around ten years and has found new life on DVD. Nelson has also joined with some of the cast of the show (and some new faces

as well) and started 'Rifftrax' which offers downloadable commentary tracks for feature films and TV shows. This week, the best sources for ‘MST3K’ news ‘Satellite News’ made two new announcements. The first was that the company
behind ‘MST3K’ Best Brains, Inc will be producing animated adventures of the robot companions Crow, Tom Servo, Gypsy. This is one of those plans that could go either way. Having the ‘bots tool around without Nelson or Hodgson sounds like it could be a thin premise if not handled right. I’ll be curious to see what those at Best Brains, Inc come up with. The animated adventures will be appearing HERE. More exciting was the news that show creator Hodgson will be teaming with cast originals Trace Beaulieu, J. Elvis Weinstein, and later cast incarnates Frank Conniff (TV’s Frank) and Mary Jo Pehl to form ‘Cinematic Titanic’. What is it exactly? Not sure, but I’ve been itching for Hodgson to get a new project and this one has lots of promise based on those involved alone. I can’t wait to see what the show ends up being. It will air on the web and for now you can check out the official page and join the mailing list HERE. ‘Sattelite News’ can be found HERE, 'Rifftrax' HERE.. -Nate


110107 First of Novembah' with a new review of 'Mr. Brooks'.

. . . . . . I liked the film, sort a odd-ball serial killer movie. It has some solid performances and was enjoyable but I don't think I'll be owning this one. Check out the review HERE. -Nate

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